Fall Invitational 2013

Fall Invitational

Congratulations to all swimmers who participated in this exciting 3 day meet! There were 28 teams and  485 swimmers entered in this event from Singapore, Balikpapan, Bali, Bandung and throughout Jakarta. Many records were broken including 19 Cilandak Pool records, 6 AquaDragon Age Group records and 3 Varsity Team records. All AquaDragon swimmers and JIS Varsity team AquaDragon swimmers made their coaches proud with their achievements!


Top 10 Overall Swimmers by age using FINA points

Girls:          8 & Under - 5th Ayla Sietsma, 9th Annette Lee

         9 yo - 5th Minseo Choi, 8th Kirana Donauw, 9th Sihyun Lee

         10 yo - 4th Lieve Olufsen, 5th Seung Min Woo, 6th Mansi Topandasani, 8th Aisha Kenny, 9th Nadya Dinata, 10th Tae Lim Kim

         11 yo - 4th Allison Farial, 5th Scarlett Irwin, 7th Katherine Pashen, 8th Larissa Scott, 9th Se Min Park

         12 yo - 2nd Stephanie Kieft, 7th Ivana Ruslie

         13-14 yo - 1st Lina Nesteroff (Varsity), 6th Riwa Tamai, 9th Sarah Hakim

         15-16 yo - 2nd Samantha Webster (Varsity), 4th Jade Dharmadji (Varsity), 7th Molly Potter (Varsity), 8th Kelly Arifin (Varsity), 9th Cliona O'Hanlon (Varsity)

         17 & Over - 1st Tomoko Wake (Varsity), 4th Meggi Varnai (Varsity)


Boys:          8 & Under - 2nd Momosuke Hori, 4th Jihun Kim, 6th Amos Tanoyo, 7th Zachary Tsushima, 10th Theo Saunders

         9 yo - 4th Jason Bergin, 6th Steven Bae

         10 yo - 5th Joaquin Carandang, 7th Zachary Winton, 8th Orlando Tasi

         11 yo - 1st Fredric Ngo, 2nd Jamie Jenviphakul, 4th Ryan Djunaedi, 5th Adriaan Provo-Kluit, 8th Hidetoshi Minobe

         12 yo - 1st Parker Hughes, 2nd Nick Parris, 5th Harrison Watson, 6th Kent Suhadi, 8th Ryoya Kono

         13-14 yo - 4th Nirhan Nurjadin (Varsity), 5th John Bergin, 7th Carlos Karve (Varsity)

         15-16 yo - 1st Tariq Bethune (ex AD visiting from Bangkok), 2nd Jee Ooung Hong (Varsity), 4th Sung Hyuk Choe (Varsity), 5th Arief Rowe (Varsity), 6th Kuba Mierzejewski (Varsity), 7th Craig Simpson (Varsity), 8th Sam Nesteroff (Varsity)

         17 & Over - 7th Angelo Ngkaion


AD Record Breakers

Scarlett Irwin - 11 yo Girls 100m Backstroke (1:31.21)

Parker Hughes - 12 yo Boys 50m Freestyle (27.20), 100m Freestyle (1:00.18), 50m Backstroke (32.39), 100m Backstroke (1:07.90), 50m Butterfly (29.69)


JIS Varsity Record Breakers (who are AquaDragons)

Jee Ooung Hong - 100m Backstroke (1:01.67), 50m Butterfly (27.03), 400m IM (4:48.05)



Cilandak Pool Record Breakers from the AquaDragons

Parker Hughes (12 yo 50m Fly, 100m Backstroke, 100m Freestyle)

Craig Simpson, Arief Rowe, Jee Ooung Hong (and Jake Short) for the Varsity team (4x100m Freestyle Relay)


A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the Parent Volunteers for making this meet such a success! And it was indeed a success! Extra special thanks to Janelle Hughes and Debbie Webster for organizing the volunteers throughout the meet, and to the parents who came to work and support our team even on days when their children were not swimming. You are all very special and we appreciate you immensely!


Results can be found online by going to Achievements, Meet Results.