Time Out Sports to handle swimsuits

New this year, we will be using Time Out Sports to handle our team swimsuits.  More information on their hours and locations can be found on their website at

You may stop by the store anytime to purchase your team suit.  We are also allowing last year's suit if this still fits your swimmer.  In addition, Coach Paul would like all swimmers to have a set of swimming fins for practices.  You can purchase these at Time Out as well or find them on-line.  Pricing information follows, but is not included in the registration fee.  Please note there are two different suit options depending on how much you would like to spend.

Option 1: Lycra Material, Endurance+Polyester

Female: $52.99 + $4.50 tx= $57.49, $56.99 

Male Jammer:$35.99, $39.99

Male Brief: $31.99, $34.99

Option 2: Pro LT Poly-Spandex “Learn To Swim”:

Female Thick Strap: $39.99

Male Jammer: $34.99

**All suits will be imprinted with “DWST” Logo.

Feel free to contact Time Out Sport and Ski at (843) 388-6266 or email [email protected] with any questions.