Splash Team Banquet

Splash had its annual banquet on Saturday March 29 in the Waikiki ballroom of the Hale Koa hotel. As you can see from the pictures, we had a great turnout. We started the banquet with some games like Eat My Bubbles (get the bubble in Coach Ryan's mouth blindfolded) and the Soda Ring Toss. After the banquet started we had a scavenger hunt. Each group had to collect pictures of itself doing things like jumping in the air or cramming in under a table. It made for some pretty funny photos.


The food was fantastic. There were salads and fruits and cheeses and meats and desserts. It was all superb and delicious. An awards ceremony followed the meal, and swimmers got lots of cool stuff like bags, towels, and swim caps with their name on them. After the awards, team captains Michael Sakai and Greg Zukeran gave speeches. A slide show with photos from throughout the year came next. Finally, teams Black and White organized for the upcoming Splash intrasquad meet in a couple of weeks.


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