8 and Unders

Wow!!!! What a Great meet we had at the Championship in Felix Festa.Everyone swam super fast and did there very best times!!!! Sarah Davi, Ava DeFranco, Ellie O'Brien, Kate O'Brien, Kylie O'Driscoll, Kiera Mroczka, Anna Joy Iannone, all representing us for the girls. Max Bowers, Dominic Braun, Milton Devoti, Dylan Mulieri, Nic Romanelli, Nathan Saintvil, and Mason Solomon representing the Boys!!!!!! You all did GREAT!!!!!!! There were over 300 eight year old girl swimmers and our Kate O'Brien took 12th over all and Kiera Mroczka taking 8th over all. Job well done girls!!!!! Also our little 6 year old Kylie O'Driscoll was in the top 16 over all!!!!  WAY TO GO WEST ISLIP!!!!!!