2013/14 Hurricanes Annual Banquet

The Columbus Aquatic Clubs Annual Awards Banquet is bigger and better than ever. More than 240 swimmers and family members gathered at the Morningside Baptist Church on Thursday to celebrate and honor the great 2013/14 Hurricane season. I didn't think that last years banquet could be topped, however Alicia Newton and her crew out did themselves again. I wish to thank all those that help with all the preparations for this year event. I also need to thank the great coaches I have the honor working along side, Cari Best, Liz Hughes, Laci Gray, Michele and Van Walton.

2013 - 2014 special Award Winners:

Practice Group                     Most Improved               Coaches Award

Category     "Female"              Arya Kokate                    Pailin Vonsavong

                   "Male"                 Jacob Huston                  Aidan Maloney

Oly  Strokes "A"  "Female"      Savannah Sanders           Lucy Kelly

                           "Male"         Jac Cummings                 James Swinehart

Oly Strokes "B"   "Female"      Susan Jaing                     Macy Sanders

                          "Male"          Michael Gruver                 Chase Boudnik

Oly Strokes "C"   "Female"      Zoe Jones                        Sofie Gallagher

Blue Team           "Female"      Abby Dugan                     Mackenzie Crump

                           "Male"          Sultan Sayedada             Shae Grover

Aqua Pups           "Female"       Peyton Murphy               Renae Mattson

                            "Male"          Tommy Parker                Chris Whitley

Dawgs                  "Female"       Libby Storey                  Lindsey Conroy

                           "Male"           Cameron Verdree            Madison Park

Gold Team             "Female"       Kaleigh Feger                Katheryn Livingston

                             "Male"          Brady Boudnik               Jaxon Kite

Junior Team           "Female"      Olivia Hadaway              Shannon Eshman

                             "Male"         Chase Parker                 Piero Orderique

Senior Team          "Female"      Josie Hadaway               Ashlyn Steinbach

                              "Male"        Jacob Abeyta                 Chris Hughes

2014 Golden Goggle Award:

Category                  Jaden Vilches

Olympic Strokes       Olyvia Brock

Blue Team                Isabelle Rodriguez

Aqua Pups               Holly Mattson

Dawgs                      Max Myers

Gold Team                Madigan Starr

Junior Team              Piero Orderique

Senior Team              Hannah Mattson

New Team Records Awarded: A Total of 157 New Team Record Swims

38 New Team Records        Hannah Mattson

32 New Team Records         Josie Hadaway

19 New Team Records         Ashlyn Steinbach

16 New Team Records         Piero Orderique

 9 New Team Records          Madigan Starr

 7 New Team Records          Holly Mattson

 5 New Team Records          Katheryn Livingston

 4 New Team Records          Kaleigh Feger, Chase Parker

 3 New Team Records          Olivia Hadaway, Jacob Abeyta, Mitchell Graham

 2 New Team Records          Andie Hadaway, Leigh Hadaway, Shannon Eshman, Lindsey Conroy, Chris Hughes

 1 New Team Record            Katherine Gramling, Alex Leary, Lauren Crane, Jorge Orderique