Counties and Bronze Meet

Wow!!!! At the Bronze meet everyone had great swims with many new times and county and Silver cuts achieved!!!! Then two weeks later we go to Counties and there were so many new times achieved and our swimmers made the finals and some just missed the finals. You all did a super great job!!! Finalists were Casey Forseca, Brett Powel, Kate O' Brien, Mia Stoub, Lena Nakken, Sarah Skala, Maggie Hoge and Arianna Liebowitz. Also a great shout out to all the relay swimmers!!!!! You all gave it your best swims and it really showed. I Knew you all did your best because of all the big smiles!!!! All the Coaches are very PROUD of you!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! Parents thanks for all your help at the meet. The TEAM not only consists of swimmers and Coaches, But parents as well. That was a Great Team effort.