Sharks: Dates & Deadlines

Some quick notes to pass along about upcoming dates & deadlines.

  1. New Parent Orientation is May 14th at 7pm-8pm at RiverChase
    1. This is NOT a mandatory meeting.  We will review the schedule for the year.  Let Coach Jeremy talk about swim and Coach Aimee talk about dive.  It is an opportunity for new or returning parents to ask questions and get answers.   Please attend if you would like. 
    2. Remember:  You can always ask us questions using the Contact Us option on the website. 
  2. Signups:
    1. Thank you to those who came out on April 26th for the first round of sign ups.  Please remember that our second round is this coming Saturday May 3rd. 
    2. Web Site Registration is OPEN.  Please register online if you have not done so yet.
    3. How does this all work?  Please read on here:
  3. Gear Questions
    1. Johnny  Macs will continue to take orders for team gear up through May 10th.  We need to have the order in in time for our season to begin.  This is only for the items on the order form that you can view here:
    2. New Suits:
      1. These are also available at Johnny Macs and they will be out again for fittings on May 3rd.  Alternatively you can stop by their Crestwood location anytime. 
        1. 10100 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63127
    3. Team T-Shirts:
      1. If you want a Team T-Shirt with a new design on it for this year, please fill out and hand in or email us an order form.  These T-Shirts are not Dri-Fit like the one from Johnny Macs, but they do have a cool design. 
  4. Team Sponsorship Programs:
    1. 1.We are going crazy on sponsorships for the activities below.  If you have a business that wants their name on a banner to be hung at all meets for $75, please read the following: