A Message for swim and dive parents from the Dive Coach and Parent Rep:

Work Duty Sign ups will begin at 10am on Saturday morning.  Remember that each family is required to sign up for 3 assignments.  Swim team members sign up for swim meet slots, and dive team for dive meets.  Anyone can sign up for the team events such as the ice cream social or picture night.  In addition, anyone can sign up to be a dive judge.  Please check the website for work assignment information.  At the top of the page, click on the REGISTRATION tab.  Scroll down to WORK ASSIGNMENT tab and click to receive a more detailed description of the work assignments. 

 I am strongly encouraging you to consider being a dive judge.   We need 15 judging spots filled.  I have divided pre-lims and finals into two different sign up slots for this year, making it even easier to fill a work duty with judging.

ALL DIVE PARENTS (and interested swim parents) are strongly encouraged to attend the Dive Judging Clinic on Sunday June 1 from 4:30 to about 5:30.  It will take place at The Center of Clayton at 60 Gay Avenue Clayton MO 63105.  Participants will learn the judging philosophy, areas to judge, degree of difficulty, mandatory and voluntary deductions, and explanation of dive numbers.  You are encouraged to go ahead and bring your diver to this event as after the verbal explanation we will use actual divers to demonstrate how to judge.  No, registration is necessary, just show up and let the front desk know why you are there.

But just because you might not be able to attend this judging clinic, you could still be a judge.  I have included on the team website user friendly information on dives and how to score.  Go to the COMPETITION tab and scrolled down to DIVE MEET GUIDE and you will be provided some basic information.   The following may also help and can also be found under the work assignment info tab under the registration tab.  These are my simplified rules.  I am not a dive judge, so don’t hold me to these.  They are simply my attempt to make this easier for those who have never done this.  WE NEED YOU!!!!:

I’ve never judged before, how could I possibly be a judge for one of these meets?

This is a rec league.   We are doing this for the kids to have fun, learn some new skills, and experience competition.  While it would be preferable that the judges had some experience, we recognize that in order to fill the judging spots, this cannot be expected. (so remember this when you are scratching your head when the judge flashes the score-they are volunteers- and are doing the best they can!).  Remember, it takes a village…this league can’t run without parent volunteers. 

High School age Swim team members can fill the family volunteer expectation by judging, particularly for the first two dive meets which are on different days than the swim meets.

Below I have included some basic criteria for judging.  The most important thing about judging is that you are consistent in your scoring.  It doesn’t matter if the judge next to you flashes a 7 and you flash a 5.  What matters is that a dive that you scored a 7 is similar in quality to another dive you scored a 7.  And remember, it doesn’t matter what the degree of difficulty is.  That is accounted for later at the scoring table.  Judge on the five parts of the dive and consider pointed toes, straight legs, height off board, entry angle, etc for every dive!

Below is a “dummies” guide for scoring a dive.  It is not scientific, but I feel speaks the best to dive judge novices (including myself!)

Judging Criteria and understanding the scores:

•0: Completely Failed –wrong dive

•½ - 2: Unsatisfactory : diver hits board; dive in another position; hands in wrong position

•2½ - 4½: Deficient : what we will expect for our younger newer divers or just learning a new dive

•5 - 6½: Satisfactory: a really nice decent dive that may be lacking in height or refined form or vertical entry

•7 - 8: Good :a really pretty dive with decent height and form, but could maybe be higher with better entry

•8½ - 9½: Very good : difficult for the untrained eye to find a deficit-we could have some of these

•10: Excellent: this dive shouldn’t exist in this rec league J- get this kid to Colorado Springs!


*2 pts deducted for a balk- 2nd balk is a failed dive (0)

*dove in incorrect position-max score of a 2 (ie was in a tuck position rather than the called pike)

*max score for feet first entry with arms overhead is a 4.5

*for a twist dive-if the twist is more or less than 90 degrees of the called dive than it is a failed dive (0)

*remember-you aren’t judging the degree of difficulty!!!-that is figured in later

* newer divers with not so great form will probably be scoring around a 4, and that is a great score!!

*older divers with pretty form and proper execution will be scoring in the6’s, 7’s and maybe a few 8’s

*we will likely not see many 9 or 10 dives-but there are a few REALLY good divers in the league that may earn this score


For even more information on diving with FAQ's, please go the PRACTICE tab and scroll down to SPRING BOARD DIVING.  

Looking forward to my first year coaching diving!

Aimee Kappler