Volunteer sign ups: Please check your login

Visit our website and login today!


When you completed your family’s registration for swim team, you received an email to let you know that your account was activated and you were now able to use the website. If you did not follow the link through that email to verify your email address, you may experience difficulty accessing the website. Please take the time to make sure that you can login to the website before Sunday.  Go back to that original email and follow the link. Again, please do this ASAP so that we can fix any issues prior to Sunday.


  • As of yesterday more than 60% of you had not logged in since registration. 
  • Last year two hours after Sign up opened 85% of the jobs were filled!


Sunday, be prepared to login successfully, sign up and close out!  If you have any questions, please contact:

Cynthia Tsao [email protected] or  text to  312-4981564