Stroke and Turn Judge Training

Attention all existing stroke and turn judges or parents who desire to become a stroke and turn judge. The FSSL has released the annual S&T training sessions. All parent judges must attend one of these sessions in order to be eligible to be a judge for a swim meet. If you are interested in being a judge for our team, please contact Jim West by email at [email protected] to let me know which training you are attending. You may sign-up to volunteer to be a judge on any of the meets where we are still looking for judges.

Wednesday, May 28 Spring Ridge Visitor Center 7-9

Thursday, May 29 Hood College Pool 6-8

Sunday, June 1 YMCA 3:30-5:30

Monday, June 2 Villages of Urbana Club House 7-9

Wednesday, June 4 Spring Ridge Visitor Center 7-9

Thursday, June 5 Hood College Pool 6-8


In addition to these 6 training sessions, there will be 2 refresher only training sessions offered. These are only for officials with 2+ years FSSL experience or year-round officials. They will be

Thursday, May 29 Spring Ridge Visitor Center 7pm

Thursday, June 5 Spring Ridge Visitor Center 7pm