Mercury Updates 5/28/14

 Hello everyone! 

We are in the final days of our first month in our long course season, and everything is going great! Here are a few things everyone should read:

1.) Learn to Swim, Spring session will be ending here today, which means that Mercury Competitive and Developmental practices will be going back to 6pm-8pm EVERYDAY once again. 

2.) The battle between signing Mercury up for the Cleveland meet OR the SEAS Invitational at Brockport has finally ended with Cleveland as the victor. Thanks to all who helped us to get a head count on where we all wanted to go.

3.) THIS ONE IS OF DIRE IMPORTANCE: We nearing the end of our first Long Course month, yet we still do not have session fees from many of our athletes. PLEASE GET THIS IN TO US VIA MAIL OR HAND-IN TO COACH DAVE OR TY OR YOU CANNOT SWIM!!!

4.) I would like to thank every one of my Learn to Swim Instructors who volunteered to help me this Spring session. I have heard nothing but great things from the parents about all of you, and from what I saw in terms of coaching on your part, you all did a very good job. I would love to have you all back this Fall. Be proud of yourselves!

5.) As most of you have noticed, we have two new coaching bodies on our deck instructing our athletes, Coach Greg Marshall and Coach Tom Prato. These two have a great background in the world of swimming, and we love having them on board this summer. Please, whenever you get the opportunity, introduce yourself to our new coaches and get to know them more; let's show them some Mercury Love! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. More news on our great club will follow in the coming days, so keep your eyes open.

Coach Ty