It is time to sign up your swimmers for our home & away meets and social events!   We need you to declare your swimmer to attend or not attend each meet and social event.  Please review the following directions carefully.

To attend a meet or to opt out of a meet, please click on the “Events” tab on the left hand side of the Home page.  You will need to sign up or opt out of each event individually.  First, you select the meet you would like to attend/opt out of.  Then, you select “Edit Commitment”.  Once you do this, your swimmer(s) name(s) will appear, and be listed as “Undeclared”.  Click on a swimmer's name and chose the option from the drop down box (Yes, please sign (name) up for this event OR No thanks, (name) will not attend this event.) There is a box for notes. Please use this area if your child would like to swim a particular stroke (trying to improve time) or if you have a note for Greg such as "We have a baseball game and need to leave the meet by 7:00 pm. Please place swimmer in early events only."


There is an option to pick events that your swimmer would like to swim. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. Coach Greg will choose what events he wants your child to swim. This is a feature that we cannot turn off on the site. Please just skip this part.


You need to click on the Save Changes button on the bottom right side of the page. Once you do this it will take you back to the meet page. You should see Committed or Not Committed beside your swimmer's name if you did this correctly. You need to do this for each swimmer and for each event. 



The signup deadline for meets is 7 days before the event.   Swimmers cannot be added to or dropped from a meet after the deadline (except for medical reasons).  It is best to sit down before the season begins with your calendars, and complete this process.  It is EXTREMELY time intensive and difficult to try and add/drop swimmers once they have been entered into the computer system, and line-ups have been sent out to the other teams. Please be respectful of this and sign up your swimmers by the deadlines listed below.  Your ability to add or delete your swimmer will expire at midnight.


Exception to the declare/decline is Time Trials. 

Time Trial @ Home, Friday, June 6th:  Deadline is Tuesday, June 3rd  (This is the ONLY Meet where deadline is 3 days before event and you may choose the stroke events your child would like to swim)


Details regarding sign up deadlines for Championship Meets (Classic & City Meets) will come at a later date.


Please also use this same system to sign your swimmer up to attend social events (Kick Off Party; Car Wash; Picture Day & Bagel/Donut Breakfast; and the Shark Party/Pasta Party). This will help our planners know the number of kids planning to attend so we can purchase the right amount of food and drinks.  Sign up for the End of Season Brunch will take place at a later date.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Lisa Barger

Saybrook Sharks Chair