Team Suits, Spirit wear, Misc..

TEAM SUITS:  If you ordered a team suit through JAWS, they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, June 4th and will be available for pick-up at pratice on Thursday, June 5th.  Thank you for your patience as they have taken a long time to get here!  If you are still interested in ordering a team suit, please see Tammy Nelson at practice and if we have enough interest, we will put another order in.  Please note you may also order a team suit from our webiste at any time.

SPIRITWEAR:  Spiritwear order forms were passed out at practice today to as many people as we saw...if you did not receive an order form, please see a board member at practice on Thursday if you would like one.  Spiritwear is not required.  Orders and payment are due back by Friday, June 13th.

MISC:  Just a reminder that goggles and swim caps are recommended for swim team members.    Also, we need for be completely out of the pool area by 5pm each evening when the summer swim schedule starts.  ALL swimmers are reminded that the locker rooms are school property and should be treated as such; they are a place to change, maybe take a QUICK shower, and to use the restroom; they are not a place to hang out, have water fights, etc....thank you in advance for helping us keep our school clean and well cared for.