Final Updates for CV dual meet


Good morning!


Here are some final updates for tomorrow's meet with CV:


* I've emailed two files for our families.  The first is an alphabetical list of each swimmer's events.  The second is the "program" or chronological event listing with the swimmer lane assignments.


* What does "2/1" mean next to my swimmer's event?  This is the heat (race order within each event) followed by the lane # your swimmer will compete in.


* Keep in mind, this lineup is not set in stone.  At times, we will move swimmers around within their event to fill all race lanes.  We do this to ensure swimmers have others to race with and to move the meet along quickly.


* My swimmer is 11 but is listed in a 13-14 yr old event.  Is this a mistake?  No.  Again, we will move swimmers around to enter them in more events, fill more competition lanes, or to assemble more relay teams.


Other important reminders:


* Please park in lot C-6, then walk around the Rec Center and Heiges Field House to get to the front of the building.  The road in front of Heiges is closed due to construction.  Please allow enough park/walk time to arrive and have your swimmers ready for warm-ups by 7:45am.


* Be sure to bring blankets, sweats, extra towels, goggles, and caps.  Remember the suit regulations!  Plan accordingly.


* Pack snacks for your swimmer.  We will not be running a concession stand tomorrow.  All food and drinks, other than water, MUST be consumed in the lobby area.  This is an SU facility policy that we must follow.


* We have a number of volunteer shifts that still need filled.  I have emailed the link out again this morning.  We won't be able to start the meet on time until we have all positions filled.  Please log in and pick a job by midnight tonight.


*  Emergency?  Let me know ASAP!!!!  Call or text 713-0453 if something comes up that will affect meet attendance, arrival time, etc.  If it happens at 3am, I'd rather know then than 5 minutes before we warm-up.  


* I will be commuting to and from a USA meet at Bucknell University today.  I'll be away from 11:30am until about 8pm this evening.  If you have questions, my phone will be on from 11:30-1:30 and then after 6:30pm this evening.  I will return all calls and messages received during the meet on my way back home.  I'll respond to emails when I get home after 8pm tonight.


Let's get ready for some fast swimming!  GO SHIP GO!!!


See you all tomorrow!


Coach Jeff