Information for 6/14 Meet AWAY at Stillwater

Good Afternoon Warrior Families - Please Read for Important information for tomorrow's (6/14) Swim Meet

Meet isAWAY at Stillwater (located on 87th street between Rt. 59 and Book Road - directions to all pools are found under the Pool Locations tab on the website)

Check in time is 7:30 for swimmers 

Warm ups begin at 8am (volunteers must be checked in by 8)  

Meet starts at 8:30am      

If your swimmer is running late to warm ups please email the coaches at [email protected]Any swimmers who are not checked in by 7:45 will be scratched from the meet.

Before the meet:  

- Individual Events and Relays were posted at the pool this morning and will remain posted until 2pm.  You can also look up your individual events by logging in to the website, clicking on the Documents tab and choosing the file 'Stillwater v. White Eagle 6/14/14 entries" - these are listed alphabetically by swimmer last name.            Note:  Relays are not posted on the website and are subject to change if adjustments are made day of meet for no shows.

- If helpful for you and your swimmer, write his/her events by event # and name (ex. #13, 25 Free) on hands, or masking tape to put on towel, or in your phone.  Note:  Bullpen/Shepherds and the coaches behind the blocks will make sure kids are in correct heats and lanes - it is NOT necessary to write heats and lanes on hands, but you may if you wish.  

Morning of Meet:

Items to bring: extra goggles, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, blanket or chairs, and form of shade (tent or umbrella) for our team 'camp' area.  Concessions are available but feel free to bring drinks and snacks.

Swimmers need to check in with the coaches who will have clipboards with their events and get set up in the team area. Swimmers will warm up with their age groups – please listen for your group to be called.

Updated line up / event sheets will be posted just prior to the start of the meet – ALWAYS check these to make sure your swimmers events have not been altered

Remind swimmers to listen for their races being called and help them get to bullpen when they are being asked to line up - the bullpen workers are busy lining up swimmers and escorting them to the blocks - they CANNOT go searching for swimmers - make sure your swimmers swim all of their events by delivering them to the bullpen area when their event is being called.

BEFORE you leave the meet, check in with the coaches to make sure you are finished - you MAY be needed for a relay!  If you must leave before the end of the meet for, let the Bullpen AND the coaches know you are leaving so we aren't looking for you.

Most importantly HAVE FUN and if you have a question ask - there are many veteran parents and swimmers who are happy to help!