Apple Capital 2014

Apple Capital 2014

Bellevue Club families were treated to another fantastic weekend in Wenatchee for this year’s Apple Capital.  The weather was great, the kids had fun, and we managed to squeeze in some pretty decent swimming, too.

Despite the fact that we had only a handful of BCST swimmers in the final session-and no senior swimmers on Sunday-BCST still managed to win the meet by almost 900 points.  The weekend started out with some great distance swimming, with Nathalie Valdman (400 free), David Conger (400 free), and Jake Headrick (800 free) all taking first place in their respective events.  And while the environment and conditions at Wenatchee aren’t always the most conducive to fast swimming, our swimmers did an excellent job of racing hard and picking up some good time drops.  Three BCST swimmers (Kaitlyn Girotto, Alvin Zhang, Steve Shouldra) all took home the high point award for their age groups, Kaitlyn and Alvin winning in the 8 and under category, and Steve winning for the 15 and over Men division.

But, of course, the weekend was about having fun.  The senior swimmers had a great time at their annual river rafting outing on Sunday, and the entire team got to enjoy some quality time together at the team picnic on Saturday night.  Outside of that, there were plenty of squirt guns, Frisbees, and tanning to occupy the swimmers time. 

Special thanks go out to all the BCST parents who volunteered their time over the weekend!  Thank you especially to Catherine Karwal, Lora Plaskon, Andy Francois, and Tulika Dugan for all of their hard work in organizing the incredibly fun team picnic.  BCST appreciates all that you do!



Top Three Finishers

Rea Agnihotri (1st 100 fly, 3rd 200 fly)

Mia Avansino (2nd 100 free)

Austin Barnard (3rd 200 fly)

Andrew Boden (3rd 200 free)

Justin Brunings (3rd 1500 free)

Jimmy Butler (2nd 1500 free)

Jonathan Butler (3rd 50 free)

James Campbell (1st 50 breast)

David Conger (1st 400 free, 3rd 200 breast)

Katie Cross (1st 100 free, 2nd 50 back, 3rd 400 free, 200 free, 50 free)

Marley Cross (3rd 100 free)

Dylan Doan (2nd 50 breast)

Alma Freeman (1st 50 free, 2nd 200 free, 100 free)

Kellen Gibson (2nd 800 free, 3rd 200 breast)

Amelia Girotto (1st 50 fly, 3rd 200 free, 100 free, 50 breast)

Kaitlyn Girotto (1st 100 free, 50 breast, 50 free, 50 fly, 3rd 50 back)

Jake Headrick (1st 800 free)

Brian Kim (1st 100 breast, 2nd 200 breast, 3rd 50 free, 200 free)

Ed Kim (2nd 100 back, 100 free)

Alex Klinck (2nd 50 fly, 100 breast, 3rd 200 free, 100 fly, 100 free)

Christian Koh (2nd 50 breast, 100 breast)

Jacob Lee (3rd 50 back, 50 fly)

Nathan Lee (3rd 200 back)

Megan Lei (3rd 100 back)

Henry Lucco (1st 200 fly, 50 fly, 3rd 100 free)

Brianna Lucien (3rd 200 breast)

Dave Makhervaks (1st 100 back)

Keren Makhervaks (3rd 50 back, 200 back)

Kynseth Mann (1st 50 breast, 50 free, 100 breast, 2nd 200 free, 50 fly)

Quinlan McCabe (3rd 50 breast)

Theodora McCabe (3rd 100 breast)

Todd McCarthy (3rd 100 back)

Christina McDermott (1st 200 breast)

Rachel Nguyen (2nd 100 back)

Jaime Paik (3rd 50 fly, 100 back)

Andrew Pana (2nd 50 breast)

Dan Prang (2nd 400 free)

Nathan Quarterman (3rd 400 free)

Killian Riley (3rd 1500 free)

Noah Shauf (1st 100 fly, 2nd 200 back)

Ian Sherrer (2nd 100 breast)

Steve Shouldra (1st 200 fly, 200 free, 200 back, 100 fly, 2nd 100 free)

Lily Siripipat (1st 50 back, 2nd 50 breast, 50 fly)

Rylee Siripipat (2nd 200 breast)

Liam Sosinsky (1st 200 breast)

Nathalie Valdman (1st 400 free, 2nd 100 back, 200 back)

Dane Williams (2nd 400 free, 800 free)

Ellie Williams (2nd 400 free)

Martin Wu (1st 200 IM, 2nd 200 free, 200 fly, 1500 free, 3rd 400 IM, 200 breast)

Alvin Zhang (1st 100 free, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 free, 50 fly, 100 back)


100% Best Times

Michael Badiozamani

Lucy Benda

Joe Cookson

Oona Dederer

Chris Freese
Max Groysman

Hanako Hirai

Meredith Konig

Nika Makhervaks

Maegan Manning

Ian McKnight

David Nyberg

Sofia Nyberg

Alfred Tan

Will Wick

Andrew Xu

Brandon Xu

Alvin Zhang