Dive meet tomorrow-NEED A WORKER!

Fenton Divers take on Ballwin at Ballwin tomorrow.   No morning dive practice.

Divers are to show up at 2:45 to be ready to jump on the boards for our warm up period at 3:00.

We have two dive team families signed up to work tomorrow and one swim family to judge.

WE ARE IN NEED OF SOMEONE TO TAKE THE RIBBON WRITER POSITION!!!!!!!!!!! (it was originally a taken position, but the original family has removed their name, and now it is not filled)

Please email if you are able to work or are in need of another work duty to fulfill.

Dive meet duties last from about 3:00 to 5:00.  The Ribbon writer position is extremely easy.  You will simply be writing on the back of the ribbons for the various age groups.  

Workers please arrive by 3:00 so we can make sure the positions are filled or shuffle duties around.  I will have the work duty sheet for you to sign when you arrive to confirm your fulfillement of your duty.

Coach Aimee