Barracuda Host Meet donations needed (Fundraiser jobs)

To all Barracuda families,

Our 2 meets this year where we host at Middletown High School are our ONLY fundraisers of the swim season.  We have been able to keep the annual registration fees the same for the last 3 years because of dedicated families like you who help donate items to our concession stand for sale at the home meets.

If you have already signed-up for your seasonal 6 jobs on the website, GREAT AND THANK YOU!!  Remember, we asked for you to select at least 3 jobs for your child(ren) to swim in the first meet, but we request about 6 jobs from each family each year to effectively run our swim season.  For those of you who have not yet signed up for 6 jobs, please select one or more of these fundraising jobs under each Home Meet on our Events page.  Our Home Meets are on June 28 and July 19.  These fundraising jobs are now open and the procedure for selecting them is the same as for selecting the activity jobs at each meet.

Thanks very much for your support of our team! GO BARRACUDAS!!


Nancy West

VP - Barracuda Parent Board