Pool and/or swim team related issues

If ever a situation occurs where you as a parent encounter/witness a concern related to something to do with a pool where we are practicing or swimming in a meet, I want you to be aware we have a structure in place for people to deal with the issue. Each pool has a pool operator or lifeguard on hand to deal with pool/pool area related concerns. If you are unsure who the pool operator/lifeguard is, you may alert any of our coaches or parent board members who may be on hand. You are not expected to address the situation directly. Likewise if you encounter/witness a concern with a member of the team, please alert the coaches or parent board member(s) who may be on hand. These individuals are here to ensure concerns are addressed and handled accordingly so you are not placed into an awkward situation and that communication is delivered to all parties who need to know.

Quick word regarding practices - swimmers who are on the pool deck but not participating in the team practices at that time are not allowed in any part of the swimming pool. The lifeguards are there to ensure the safety of the swimmers taking part in practice in the main pool and diving well. No one should be in the shallow (kiddie) part of the pool at anytime before, during, or after practice. 

Thank you,

Jim West - Barracuda Parent Board