Swim Team News 6/22/14


Swim Team News – 6/22/14


Mini-Meet on Tuesday

This year all of our 8U and 10U swimmers can participate in our “Mini-Meet”. We’ll schedule you in 3-4 events, unless you tell us that you are not attending. Please arrive at the pool for warm up by 5:30pm. We’ll use this meet to help everyone in getting organized for the season, including all of our coaches, swimmers, and volunteers.


Missing Meets

Remember to check off which meets your child is missing on the swim team board near the pool office. You can also request early or late events for your swimmer.

Your coaches need at least 2-3 days notice so that lineups don’t have to be changed. If your plans change on the day of the meet, make sure to email me. .


Swim Team Event Emails

Team Unify (our website) is set up to send out reminders for each swim team event.

Click the “More Information” link to find out warm-up times and other pertinent details. Don’t worry about “registering” for the meet.


Help at Home Meets

It takes a village (or at least 60 people) to run a swim meet. We need you!

Log on to our website, click on the appropriate “event”, and choose from a variety of jobs, including timing, setting and cleaning up, helping with ribbons, and getting our kids to their races on time.  You can also link to the job page through any email reminders that you receive.


Meet Check In

Once you arrive at a meet (home or away) please find your age group list and check off that you are here. If you are a younger swimmer, find your age-group parent and have them help you write down your events. As soon as warm-up is over, check back in and get ready for your first event. If it is a relay, find your teammates and stay together. If you can’t find someone, please let one of the coaches know.


Meet Results Online

Log in to the website to see your swimmers meet results from Time Trials, as well as results from past seasons. Go to My Account, then to My Meet Results.


Swim Lessons/Race Classes/Clinics

Be sure to sign up your swimmer for swim lessons, race classes, and Saturday clinics!

•Swim lesson instructors are fantastic and ready to help.

•Race classes are available as one or two week sessions.

•Saturday Clinics emphasize diving, turns, and stroke technique.





Tuesday, June 24th during all morning workouts (previous emails had the incorrect time).  If you didn’t preorder a shirt, just bring your own!



Pre-Meets (8U Meets)

With over 80 little ones, we can’t have everybody participate in every single meet. Please mark off on the “missing meet” sheets at the shallow end of the pool the meets you are not participating in (or email me at


General guidelines-

5,6, & some 7 year olds

Mini-Meet 6/24

Pre-Meets (Home Only)

7/1, 7/8, 7/17 - 4:00 – 5:00pm

B-Champs – 7/24



Some 7 and all 8 year old swimmers

Mini-Meet 6/24

All Dual Meets (Home and Away)

6/26, 7/1, 7/8, 7/10, 7/15, 7/17, 7/22

5:00 – 9:45pm

B-Champs or Prelims


8U participation list for this week’s meets is attached. Please let me know if we need to switch which meets your child is scheduled for.