Heat Wave

The AC Staff has been working hard all summer to keep your families safe and your experience at the club enjoyable.  During this heat wave, the pool has seen exceptionally high use and has created some additional safety concerns for our lifeguarding staff.  Please respect these professionals as they are doing their job to ensure safety and enjoyment of all of our members.   

The water clarity is low--caused by excessive use, sun screen, and excessive body oil and sweat due people not taking a thorough shower every time before they enter the pool.  We are doing everything that we can to improve our water clarity from enzyme bonding to daily filtration back flushing to reminding members to shower completely using soap and water upon entering the facility as well as after sunbathing before you enter the pool.  Poor water clarity makes it more difficult to survey the pool and requires more lifeguards per swimmers as the visibility is limited under the water. 

Many of the guarding staff have been unable to work the last few days due to swim team competitions at other clubs (boys and girls prelims).  Our staffing numbers will return to normal tonight and we shouldn't have an issue guarding large numbers of people in the pool.  However, due to the exceptional member demand for the pool (and having to ask members to wait to swim last night due to overcrowding), we are asking that members not bring guests until next week when the weather returns to normal.

Thank you for your understanding!