Dino Cup (Jr.) swim meet - Coach report

Coach Report on Dino Cup swim meet - April 5 & 6th 2014, hosted by Calgary Dino Club, University of Calgary, AB


12 swimmers attended the Calgary Dino Cup Swim Meet ages 10 and under.  For most of the kids, this was their first outside swim meet and they were very excited and a little anxious also.  They all arrived safely and we secured a small area to put our club banner up and that gave them a familiar meeting point.  The meet was run excellently and that gave very little confusion for all.  The fellow that marshaled all the kids had an amazing booming voice and no one was late for any races.


The kids all swam their hearts out (just about all Personal Best's – PB’s)  and made me very proud to be there as their coach.  They were also very well behaved and supported each other for all races.  We all came away a little hoarse from all the cheering.


It was certainly a learning experience for myself and hopefully we brought some good tips home.


We had a fun dinner out on the Saturday night with quite a few parents and kids attending  (a lot of the families were staying with family so were busy).

Long days on the deck and pretty exhausted by the end, but I think everyone had a wonderful time and experience.  If any of you have any questions about the weekend please let me know.


Thank you so much for sending me as coach  (the meet manager brought out cake with a candle, balloons and sang happy birthday to me on Sunday, April 6th) - very personal and supportive people.


Coach Mary Anne