Coach AJ

Coach AJ is headed to Colorado with his wife Melissa for grad school.  Beginning next week Catherine will be taking charge of level 2.

I have hired coach David Scherer as a new coach. I do not know yet whether he will end up being the Junior group coach or my assistant, and a fill-in coach. For most of the month of Aug. he will be helping me with level 4-5 and coaching the Junior group.

We will also be loosing our two novice coaches in mid Aug. Our new novice coach will be Chrisanne (I can't think of her last name right now). Many of you may have already met her as she has taught private lessons to many of our younger swimmers, and she used to coach for CAST many years ago.

Coach Catherine will soon be starting her first year of teaching and plans on being able to continue with CAST,  but realizes that she may get overwhelmed. So it's a "wait and see how the school year goes" to make sure she can continue with us.