Adrienne Bilello Wins "Bridge to Bridge" Open Water Race

A big congratulations to Adrienne Bilello (a member of the Platinum Group) for winning the Bridge to Bridge 2K Open Water Swim this past weekend!!  Adrienne finished over 1 minute ahead of the 2nd place female and was the 8th swimmer finished overall (among boys and girls)

Adrienne decided to pass on Tri-County swimming as she is obviously more of a distance swimmer and loves the beach.  So, typically as the lone representative from SJAC, she competes in open water races throughout the summer.  It takes some guts to go out on your own and swim an open water race against men and women without the support of any of your teammates or friends...We are super proud of Adrienne's willingness to step out of her comfort zone and try new things.  She is great example of how breaking out of the "normal routine" can help you find something you are really good at!!

You can find the results from the race @

Congratulations Adrienne!!