Flying Fish Weekly Update

We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend.

Practice Schedule


Daily (M-F)

7:15-8:00 AM

Daily (M-F)

8:00-8:45 AM

Daily (M-F)

8:45-9:30 AM


8:00-8:55 PM

July 7- July 11

14 and under
18 and under

8 and under
10 and under

6 and under
12 and under

Summer School/Camp


Meet CHF at IL (Indian Lakes)

  • The next meet will be this Saturday, July 12th at Indian Lakes…more information to follow.
  • If you cannot attend the meet, please sign-out by Wednesday morning at 09:30 (either via the sign-out book or the website)


If you know that your swimmer will not be able to participate in the Divisional meet, please sign-out using the same process for other meets.   It is important for Coach Manon to have an accurate list of swimmers who are available to attend the meet (should they qualify).


As mentioned at the beginning of the season, the meets cannot run smoothly without parent volunteers.  If you have not volunteered yet this season, please take a moment to review the open positions for the upcoming meets.  If you are unsure of how to sign up for jobs on the website, please contact Tina Pullen for assistance or view the Job Sign-up Tutorial (link on website).   There is still a need for clerk of course helpers (especially chairs), runners, and timers for this Saturday’s meet.  These postions do not require certification, and are not difficult to learn.  For more information about these positions, contact Tina Pullen ([email protected]).

Night with the Tides

Turn Back the Clock Night on July 22nd

A final count is due by July 10th.  Please sign-up on the website under the event tab.  Pick one child (if you have more than one) to “commit” then document how many tickets are needed per family in the note section.  You can also email me with your number as well.

Tickets must be paid in full ($9.50 per person) to Brandon and Tracy Blalock by July 18th (make any checks out to “Cheshire Forest”)

Have a great week!