Good morning Sharks!


Rest up for our meet today against Webster.  It will be a close meet and if everyone is healthy and on their game, we can bring home a winner! 


  1. This week we will have practice as usual.  NO PRACTICE NEXT WEEK!
  2. Next week is Prelims at Manchester!  Everyone swims at Prelims, but it is split into two sessions.  Both meets start promptly at 7:30.  Swimmer check-in is 6:15 and they are in the water for warm ups at 6:40.   Check in Workers… please shoot for 6am.  These events have 1/2 the swimmers, but more teams.  Normally we are done before 10am.
    1. Monday July 14th is for the Olders!
    2. Tuesday July 15th is for the Youngers!
    3. We extended the deadline to register to swim so you can still let us know if you can make it. 
    4. The rain date for either event is July 16th.
    5. Top 16 qualifies with 2 alternates so the Top 18 move on to Finals for the event!
    6. We will post results on the website as soon as we have them.
  3. Finals at Ellisville: Thursday July 17th for everyone.  It is an evening meet that runs like most evening meets. 
  4. Work Assignments are available for both Prelims and Finals.  Please volunteer to help us fill in the spots and make sure you get 3 assignments in. 


Coaches can stop reading…

  1. Parents:  We are taking a collection for coach gifts.  We have six coaches this year.  If you would like to contribute,  please find parent rep Sue Reitz at tomorrows meet or any of the evening practices. We will hand the coaches their gift at the banquet on Sunday, July 20th.  Also, please remember to commit your family for the banquet!  Thank you!


We could not do this without you!  Thank you to everyone!

Your Coaches and Parent Reps