Brunswick pool issue

  The Brunswick team has notified us this evening that their pool is presently closed due to cloudy water conditions. Their pool management staff is actively working on the problem. They have identified an issue with their pump and filtration system. They are hopeful the problem will be resolved in time for the meet tomorrow, but can't be certain at this time. We are providing this notice to alert everyone to the issue.  A final decision will be made no later than 6:15 am tomorrow and we will post the go/no-go decision to everyone no later than 6:30 am.  We will provide an update sooner if we hear earlier, so an update may come out this later this evening.

In the event that the meet must be cancelled, we will attempt to schedule a make-up date with Brunswick and would inform everyone once that is determined.  But again, our plan A is that the problem will be resolved and we will have the meet at the normal time. Stay tuned for an update.


Barracuda Parent Board