Instructions for continued Brunswick meet

The registration for the “continued” Brunswick meet on Sunday July 20 is now open on Team Unify. Please log in and “declare” your availability for the meet. Even though you will not be able to select events for this meet, it is very important to either “commit” or “decline”. We are required to utilize the original lineup as it was on last Saturday but we will have to manually revise the lineup. Please read the 3 options below so you understand what to do in Team Unify!

  1. If your swimmer was already registered in the Brunswick meet on 7-12, and they ARE available for the meet on Sunday 7-20, you still need to “commit” to attend Sunday's meet on Team Unify. In this case, your events will not change.
  2. If your swimmer was registered in the 7-12 meet and they are NOT available for the meet on Sunday 7-20, please “decline” in Team Unify. We will manually remove your swimmer from the meet.
  3. If your swimmer was not registered in the 7-12 meet and they are NOW available for the meet on Sunday 7-20, please “commit” in Team Unify. In this case, and only this case, you will need to let coach Holly know in writing if you have a request for preferred events.

Swimmers being added to the Sunday meet are considered "exhibition" swimmers which are non-scoring positions. It is a fair way of keeping things even all around when situations like this arise and still gives everyone who is available, a chance to swim and earn a qualifying time for All Stars! Being entered in exhibition will also count as an eligible meet for swimming in the Divisional meet where everyone is required to have participated in 2 meets out of the season. Those are 3 really good reasons to swim exhibition!

Relays will be established by the coaches after we receive all the entries and sort through the changes. We are hoping to get a list of relays out prior to the meet along with the individual entries in order to notify all the swimmers for “arm-writing” purposes!

Volunteer jobs are also open. Please also be sure to sign up for volunteer jobs!