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Meet notes for Victory Lakes 7/19

This week’s meet is sponsored by Occoquan Swimming, your means to helping inspire excellence in swimming and in life.  Join this family-friendly environment for a swimming experience that will allow your swimmer to improve skills,  increase fitness and learn strategies for achieving excellence.  Registration is now open for the fall, however spots are filling fast. Visit  and click on Register Now for details.

Here are the details for this weeks meet. Victory Lakes concessions does not sell psych sheets so if you want a meet program print this link.

Pool address: 12608 Victory Lakes Loop, Bristow, VA 20136

  • Parking is available in our upper or lower lots and if necessary along the sides of Victory Lakes Loop. Please do not park in fire lanes and be respectful in staying within legal distances of stop signs, crosswalks, and fire hydrants. Also, please be considerate in not blocking a resident’s mailbox or driveway.
  • The Visiting Team Area is on the grassy area behind the black pool fence located along the back side of the competition pool near the sand volleyball court. Please do not block the open pool gates per Fire Marshal code. You may bring pop up tents and shelters as long as they sit on top of the ground. Please do not allow you swimmers to play in the sand volleyball pit. The sand ultimately ends up in the pool.
  • We have two Clerk of Course areas. One is the staging area located on the recreational pool deck. The other Clerk of Course filing area will be along the path behind the starting (or deep) end of the competition pool. It is very important for swimmers to report to staging area of the Clerk of Course by the final call. If a swimmer reports to Clerk of Course after the cards have been seeded and swimmers have been placed in heats, he/she may not be allowed to swim. Please inform yo0ur swimmers to report to Clerk of Course in a timely fashion. Relay teams should be setting up along the path behind starting end of pool.
  • Spectators are not permitted on the two starting sides of the competition pool deck during the meet. We have a small area with chairs provided for those spectators that require seating due to physical limitations, otherwise the area lining the competition pool is for standing observation only. Please be respectful of the taped off areas intended for swimmers, officials, and timers. If you have any handicap requirements, please inform me ASAP.
  • The Computer and Computer Volunteers along with, Verifiers and Ribbon Volunteers will be in the main club house, overlooking the pool and pool house. Swimmers and spectators are not permitted in the clubhouse.
  • Visiting team relay lanes are 2, 4, 6
  • NO ONE is permitted in the recreational pool or baby pool.
  • NO GLASS allowed within the gates of the swim club.
  • Please do not allow swimmers to use body paint or colored hairspray, as it will stain the pool deck furniture. Excessive use of sharpie markers on swimmers is strictly prohibited EXCEPT for event numbers.
  • Please be considerate and clean up your team as you see fit.


Home Meet Timeline  

6:00AM - Gates open to swimmers (5:15AM for volunteer set-up crew)
6:10AM - 6:30AM  Victory Lakes warm-ups
6:30AM - 6:50AM - visiting team's warm-ups
6:30AM - Stroke and Turn Officials' meeting on deck, deep end of competition pool
6:45AM - Timers' and Recorders' meeting on deck, deep end of competition pool
6:50AM - Clear the pool- Relays assemble in team areas and move to proper lanes to prepare for start of meet

6:55 AM- National Anthem

7:00AM - Start the meet

The Piranhas are giving back this weekend.

 The Coaches are coordinating a donation drive for the Prince William SPCA which is an independent group that works on local issues that are determined by an elected board of directors. They are not a rescue organization nor do they have a shelter or foster program. Instead, they encourage cooperation among animal rescue groups, the local shelter, businesses, schools, civic organizations and the county government agencies.

Items for accepted for donation include:

Unopened food for cats, dogs, rabbits and birds: Canned wet food, Bagged dry food (smaller bags preferred) 

New and unused: Beds, Toys , Litter, Other pet supplies 

There will be a box at each practice and at the meet on Saturday.   Coach Scott & Coach Alyssa will drop off the items collected to the SPCA on Monday.

As always if you have trouble with the links in this email see the news item on the web site.