We WON both meets this weekend!!!!!

Wow!  Congratulations to our awesome swimmers – NICE JOB!!  We WON BOTH MEETS this weekend - way to go swimmers!  And a HUGE THANK YOU to the volunteers who made this happen!

Every point really counted in the Darbought meet – we won by 2 points!!  Final tally has not yet been run for the Brunswick meet yesterday, but we were ahead by a decent margin.

Did you know this year is the first time we’ve ever been able to host 2 HOME MEETS??  All the other teams in the FSSL regularly host 2 home meets per season, but the Barracudas have never done that prior to this year.  We finally have the STRENGTH – full Parent Board and wonderful families – to pull our weight in the FFSL league.

We know we’ve been asking for lots of volunteer help this season – our 2 home meets have really required many hands.  So parents, please congratulate your kids for swimming well and congratulate yourselves for making the Barracudas a better team!!

Divisionals will be tough - several teams have a winning record, so it will be a tight race next Saturday - let's bring our best game and show the FSSL that the Barracudas can win their Division!!