Aquazots WIN JUNIOR OLYMPICS by 1200 Points!



Age Group Report:

Despite brutal weather conditions in Riverside, CA with temperatures reaching a high of 108 degrees Aquazot swimmers again showed their prowess by defeating a field of much larger teams distancing itself from the 2nd place team by over 1200 points! The 14 and under swimmers made huge contributions with several swimmers reaching finals. Congratulations to all the swimmers!

Here are a few select 14 and under highlights:

9/10 year old Girls :Atisha Phetbenjakul won 5 of her 6 events finishing 2nd in the 6th.

11/12 Girls : Malia Mills won 3 events
                  Samantha Pearson won 1 event and had 5- 2nd Place finishes
                  11/12 Girls Relay team of Samantha Pearson, Lacey Hall, Leora Rose, and Malia Mills set a new AZOT team record in the 200 freestyle on their way to winning 3 of their 4 relays, finishing 2nd in the 4th.

13/14 Girls : Sydney Okubo won the 200 back and had 5 other top 8 finishes.

9/10 Boys :Jake Kubichek won the 50 breast along with 2 other top 8 finishes
                Matthew Lou had 5 top 8 finishes

11/12 Boys : Tanner Pulice had 1st place finishes in 100 and 200 free, 100 back, and was 2nd in 100 fly.

13/14 Boys : David Lowengrub won the 200 Breast and the 400 IM finishing top 5 in all 6 of his events.
                   Nathan Huot won the 200 Back and finished top 5 in all 6 of his events.

                                                Swimmers with Top 8 finishes

5/10 Girls : Atisha Phetbenjakul                                 5/10 Boys :  Jake Kubichek
                 Kristina Yan                                                              Matthew Lou

11/12 Girls : Lacey Hall                                             11/12 Boys : Brian Lou
                  Malia Mills                                                                Tanner Pulice
                  Samantha Pearson
                  Leora Rose                                             13/14 Boys : Alex Hao
                                                                                                  Nathan Huot
13/14 Girls : Roseryn Empremsilapa                                               Aaron Hunyh
                  Maye Andarza                                                            David Lowengrub                   
                  Chloe Lew
                  Sydney Okubo
                  Joyce Yang

Wyatt Kurtz had top 8 finishes in his events as well as the JO champ for 100 breast.

Amazing job to the Irvine Aquazots this past weekend at the RAA Summer JOs!
AZOT 2 highlights from Coach Winner include:
Henry Horvath (8):
- set 2 new team records in 100m backstroke and 50m breaststroke.
- placed 8th in the 100m backstroke final with his 8 year old training partner, Ramon Jiang, who placed 7th. Making it the only final out of all three JOs with two 8 year olds placing top 8 from the same team!
- placed in top 16 in the 200m IM and 50m breaststroke.
Ramon Jiang (8):
- set a new record in the 50m backstroke. 
- placed 7th in the 100m backstroke with training partner, Henry Horvath, who placed 8th. Making it the only final out of all three JOs with two 8 year olds placing top 8 from the same team!
- top 16 in the 50m backstroke.
Yen Dang (9):
- first JO debut
- placed 10th overall in the 100m butterfly with a 9 second drop!
- placed 15th in the 50m fly with with a second drop! 
- teamed up with the 5-10 girls 200m Medley relay to take 4th place.
Lauren Zhou (9):
- first JO debut
- swam the lead off leg in the 5-10 girls 200m free relay and obtained a December cut, placing 4th place.
Kanoa Loo (10):
- first JO debut
- swam the 100m breaststroke
- swam the anchor leg in the 5-10 boys 200m Medley relay, and snagged the bronze medal for the boys!
Daneel Polakoff (7):
- first JO debut
- swam the 50m backstroke
Javier Rodriguez (11):
- first Summer JO debut
- swam all 4 relays (200m/400m Medley and Free) and obtained best times!
Congratulations on all your time drops and accomplishments this swim season!