Glacier Bears Year-End Awards - Congratulations!

Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club 2013-2014 Awards

Cubs 1 of the Year - Emily Vangel

Cubs 1 Most Improved - Madeleine Mead

Cubs 1 Most Smiling Face - Avery Workman

Cubs 2 Most Improved - Aniela Hanley

Cubs 2 Most Enthusiastic - Marshal Latham

Cubs 3 Most Improved - Hayley Taylor

Cubs 3 Most Enthusiastic - Alexa Mannen

Brown Bears 1 Most Improved - Cooper Muir

Brown Bears 1 Most Improved - Liam Simons

Brown Bears 1 Most Enthusiastic - Ameila Barrault

Brown Bears 2 Most Improved - Abby Roberts

Brown Bears 2 Most Enthusiastic - Noah Gilbert

Black Bears 1 Most Improved - Wesley Vangel

Black Bears 1 Most Enthusiastic - Christopher Blakesley

Black Bears 2 Male Swimmer of the Year - Nathan Muir-Cressman

Black Bears 2 Female Swimmer of the Year - Naomi Dedon

Polar Bears Leadership Award - Jessica Bakica

Polar Bears Best Attendance Award - Shailyn Moore

Polar Bears Most Improved Award - Rebecca Koser

Kodiaks Best Attendance - Aidan Harvey

Kodiaks Most Improved - Alexander Petriw

Silver Tips Best Attendance - Donovan Bielz

Silver Tips Most Improved - Matthew Blakesley

Major Awards:

Ryan Downing Award 200 IM Improvement 2013-14 season (Male) - Aidan Harvey

Ryan Downing Award 200 IM Improvement 2013-14 season (Female) - Hannah Kingscote

AA Achievement - Alexander Petriw

AAA Achievement - Rennes Lindsay

WGB Swimmer of the Year & Best Achievement - Cassis Lindsay

Thank you to our Coaching team - Head Coach Malwina Bukszowana, Kathryn Zrum, Shereen Hill, Isabel Parkkari, Mary Anne Myers, Erin McArthur, and Haley Braga.

Thank you also to our Substitute Coaches Jim Thompson and Corey Bradbury and Junior Coach, Jessica Bakica.

ALL Awards were announced by our President, Shelby Workman and presented by our Coaches at our Club BBQ June 7th. Thank you to Therese Lindsay for preparing these trophies.

NOTE: Recipients can pick up their Club Award at Sport Yukon's front desk