Marsian Coach down under day 4

First of all I got my pictures mixed up.  I will see Kangaroos for real in a few days, not Krispie Kremes!!!  But just wanted to show you how far KK goes around the world!  

There are many pools we are swimming in this week during camp.  We have 2 50 meter X 25 M pools and 1 25 M 13 lane pool at a school.  This pool is a 5 min walk from our hotel and is pretty cool they way it is uphill inside the compounds of a school.  Their main focus is Water Polo and Rowing but they do have a  swim team.  

Pictured is the 25 M pool (it gets dark here at 6:15 so we turn the lights on) where we had our first workout once the athletes arrived.  There is a 73 story buiding right next to the pool.  While doing bacstroke for the first time the athletes all stopped to discuss the height of this building, saying it is making them "dizzy" to look at it.

Our next water time will be in the morning at the indoor 50 meter pool that is the "Aquatic Center of Brisbane"

More pictures to come.  Hope all is well!


Coach Shannon