Team Survey Deadline and Flyer's Off-Season Swim Training

Hi Team,

Regarding the Team Survey, I forgot to include that you have through Sunday, August 24th to complete them.  If you have not already taken the Team Survey (one per family) and Coach Survey (one per swimmer) won't you please take a few minutes now to give us your feedback on our 2014 season.  We truly value the information we receive through these surveys. 


We just received this information about an off-season swim program and thought we'd pass it on.

Flyers Swim Training - Monday OR Wednesday Flyers-run Workout at our partner location, Lakeshore Athletic Club: 

Keep in swimming shape with endurance sets, speed work, and other swim conditioning (60 mins in pool and 15 mins dry-land). Starting September 3, if we have enough participants (min. 10); groups limited to 20 swimmers. Coached by Tatiana Gresezak and Jen Koschmann.

Register through 


  Monday OR Wednesday

Fall Session:  August 27 - November 30

Winter Session:  December 1 - February 28, 2015

Spring Session:  March 1 - May 13 (preseason swim practice begins May 18, 2015)

4:00 pm - 5:15 pm 11 and under (a challenging workout with long sets of each stroke and dry land training to increase endurance.  This workout is not appropriate for swimmers who have not mastered all 4 strokes.) 

5:00 - 6:15 pm 11 – 18 (a challenging workout focusing on distance sets for endurance and intense speed work.  This timeslot is geared towards older, more advanced swimmers.)

Cost per individual session (Fall, Winter or Spring):

 $120 for Monday OR Wednesday workout