BCST Members Own "Escape From the Rock"

BCST Swimmers shined at the 2014 Escape from the Rock Triathlon. This annual event has the competitors swim .5 miles, bike 12 miles, and run 2.5 miles.  Yes the race is heavily weighted for the bikers and runners, but the BCST swimmers showed that their conditioning was superior and allowed them to dominate the field.

Top overall finisher: 

Dave Conger

Top 10 overall male finishers:

Dave Conger (1st)

Top 10 overall female finishers: 

Sophia Coco (4th)

Marisa Chang (5th)

Ellie Bailey (8th)

First place Age Group Awards:

10 & Under Boys: Jonathan Butler

11-12 Boys: Nathan Quarterman

11-12 Girls: Ellie Bailey

13-14 Boys: Jake Headrick

13-14 Girls: Sophia Coco

BCST swimmers competing (alphabetical):

Ellie Bailey

Lauryn Brittain

Jimmy Butler

Jonathan Butler

Sophia Coco

David Conger

Jake Headrick

Nathan Quarterman

Nate Robinson

Noah Shauf

Sam Shauf

Parents and Other BCST who tried to keep up with these athletes:

Tom Bailey

Marisa Chang

Bob Seidel

Michelle Shauf

Relay team of Chuck Robinson, Greg Headrick and Ted Wang