President's Message, New Gators Season

August 28, 2014

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

A new swim season is right around the corner. For returning swimmers, the

season opens on Monday, September 8th. I’m writing to update you about our

Gators Swim Club, practice sites and membership rates for the 2014-2015


Our practices will continue in both Eastridge and Irondequoit High Schools. Please check our website for

current updates. As you may recall, we start out the year scheduling around high school swim meets for

both Girls & Boys Swim Teams which typically fall on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. During this time, it’s

especially crucial to check for updates on the website calendar for any changes in practice times.

Our Club has been and continues to be supported by East and West Irondequoit School Districts. We have a

bit of a challenge this season due to the West Irondequoit School budget, which I don’t think is a surprise to

anybody at this point. We had to make some changes this season in order to keep costs down for families.

Membership Rates will increase this year by $50 a swimmer. Your member fee covers the USA Swimming

Organization fee, IRON Swim Club fees, payroll, registration fees, business expenses and the refundable

Participation Point fee. We will rely on participation and successful fundraising campaigns for any other

needed funds. We are also looking into possible community sponsorships. Minimizing expenses and fund

raising has helped to keep our Membership Fees to some of the lowest in the area and continues to be even

with the current increase.

Coach Jean, the Coaching Staff, and the Board of Directors are continually looking for improvement

opportunities in our program to benefit our swimmers. As I mentioned above, utilizing the two pool

facilities will permit us to enhance our training schedule and give us continuity in the days we practice.

We will continue to offer extended practice hours since it has been so well received. We are making

great progress in the USA Swimming Club Recognition program which offers many benefits. If you want

to read more about Club Recognition, please visit I have saved the best for last,

Our Gators Swim Club has been recognized by Speedo for all our great efforts and we are now officially

sponsored by Speedo!

I have noticed how far the Club has come in the couple years and I’m excited to see what the future brings.

We have so many talented young swimmers that I can’t help but be excited. Please feel free to contact me if

you have any questions or concerns.

I’m looking forward to a great season!

Bryan Shutt

IRON Gators Swim Club President

[email protected]



· Is mandatory for all families. Everyone is expected to participate in the Swim-athon.

That being the exception, you will have the option to buy out of participating

in any of the other fundraisers.

· The annual fundraising goal is $150.


· We are currently sponsored by Speedo. But we are open to other corporate sponsorships as long as they are

non-competing with Speedo swim wear.


September 15-26 (MWF each week), Time TBD, $30 non-refundable fee (applied to member fee if you join)


President Bryan Shutt [email protected] Head Coach Jean Aurio [email protected]

President Elect Mike Aikens [email protected] Co-Treasurers JulieFlynn [email protected]

Secretary Audrey Shafer [email protected] Ken Parulski [email protected]

Co-Membership Elaine Hanford [email protected] Volunteer Coor. Jillian Evans [email protected]

Walt Snyder [email protected] Website Matt Tytler [email protected]

Gators Swim Club 2014-2015 / August 2014