October Volunteer Signups are now AVAILABLE


 Dear Swim Families,

Volunteer signups are now available for the October Challenge.  You can log into your account and sign up for the available positions.  Each familiy is assigned volunteer hours but they are a great way to meet new parents and we do have alot of funny helping out our swimmers!  All families need to sign themselves up for a position, I will not be able to reserve or sign you up.  If you sign up for a position or a food item, it is yours.  I am counting on you!  When you sign up for a position, please read the description because some of these positions require previous training.  

If you are donating food items please bring exactly the amount noted, at the designated time and the brand.  Most items are due Friday night during workout but others are need the day of the meet.  Our hospitality and concessions folks have meal planned and are counting on those items.  On Friday, when bringing in items, please check in with the volunteer holding the clipboard.  They will tell you where to place the food and make sure that you get credit for your donation.

Swimmers need to have prior approval before they are signed up to work any positions.  So if you have an older 13 plus swimmer who is interested in volunteering please send me an email.

At all swim meets, you will generally find a Hospitality Room and Food Concessions.  The food donations are divided up between the two places.  Food Concessions will be available all day and our volunteers do a great job of having some wonderful lunch or breakfast items.  Food prices are nominal and the profits are included within the meet profits.  Hospitality is only available for meet officials and coaches.  It is our way of thanking the folks you put our meet on their schedule(coaches) and officials who  "just work for food"!

The list is long but it requires an enormous amount of volunteer hours to make one of these meets successful.  ESC has a history of well run meets so let's continue that tradition. If you have any questions regarding positions, please let me know!  I am always on the pool deck from 4:45-7:15 every night and I will also be at the parent meeting on Wednesday.


Tiffany Wright

Volunteer Coordinator