Senior Swimming Report USA HOD

Senior Chair Report - Jason Walter

For the past few years, there has been increasing concern about the gap between the time standards for the Speedo Champions Series (“Sectionals”) and the time standards for the Speedo Junior Nationals (“Juniors”). While there is minimal difference between cuts for the Phillips 66 National Championships (“Nationals”) and Juniors, the jump from Sectionals to Juniors is significant and expanding.

A related issue is that USA Swimming membership has experienced a 40% increase in the number of 13 & over athletes since 2003. Even with that influx of athletes, there have been relatively few changes to USA Swimming’s championship meet program to accommodate the additional 44,000 swimmers age 13 & over. Addressing this growth was one of the primary reasons the Senior Development Committee pushed forward several changes to the Sectionals program in 2013.

Since that time, there has been ongoing discussion about possible ways to address the gap between Sectionals and Juniors. Before making the recommendations below, the Senior Development

Committee received input and discussed the following potential options:

1) Split Juniors into two meets (ex. East/West)
2) Create a third level of championship meets between Sectionals and Juniors 3) Develop a series of Junior Grand Prix Meets
4) Create a 16 & Under Junior Nationals
5) Create a National Age Group Championships


After a year-long process and in-depth discussion of all the potential options, the Senior Development Committee unanimously endorsed the two concepts below with variations to accommodate the long course season and short course season.

1. LongCourseSeason
The Senior Development Committee is proposing the creation of a third level of championship meets between Sectionals and Juniors. The working title for these meets is the Legends Championships (“Legends”). This proposal suggests adding a layer of meaningful and motivating season-ending long course championship meets to bridge the gap between Sectionals and Juniors. Some key aspects of the concept include:

1) Meets would have no age limit.
2) The concept would likely start with three meets and an additional meet (or meets) could be added as performance and demand dictates.
3) LSCs would be assigned to a specific Legends meet every 2 years. Assignments would ensure quality competition and meet sites. In order to provide variety and create interest, meet assignments could rotate from year to year.
4) Time standards for the Legends meets would provide a stepping stone from Sectionals to Juniors. The current time standard projection is 2.5% slower than the 2013 Juniors cuts.
Based on 2013 performances, that cut would produce an estimated 2,950 eligible participants. 5) Time standards would be the same for all Legends meets. The short course standards would be converted from the long course times.

page1image23776 page1image23936

6) These meets would be conducted the same week as the LC Junior Nationals. This timing provides a season-ending championship racing opportunity for athletes who do not qualify for Juniors or Nationals (as opposed to concluding the season at Sectionals in mid-July).
7) USA Swimming would provide funding for these meets in a similar manner to the funding provided for the current Zone Championships. The projected funding level for the Legends events is $15,000 per meet. The current funding provided for the Senior Zone Championships would be maintained.

8) These meets will be implemented in 2015.
9) Oversight of these meets will belong with the Senior Development Committee.
10) In 2015-2016, Texas will be paired with the Western Zone. The tentative location for the 2015 first meet will be in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

2. ShortCourseSeason
The Short Course Junior Nationals have reached maximum capacity and the time standards for this meet are almost equal to the cuts for Short Course Nationals. To solve the short course season issue, the Committee is proposing that the current Short Course Juniors be divided into two meets. Splitting the SC Juniors will allow us to serve a greater number of athletes at the Juniors level.
Some key aspects of this concept include:

1) LSCs would be assigned to an East or West championship meet based on a yet-to-be determined division of LSCs. The split would attempt to evenly divide the projected number of qualifiers and provide quality meet sites.
2) These meets would be short course meets and offer long course time trials the day following each championship meet.
3) The two meets would maintain the order of events and the 3.5 day format scheduled for 2014. 4) Time standards would be established to accommodate approximately 800 athletes per meet. 5) These meets will be implemented in 2015.

3. Changes to Winter Junior National Format
1. 3 day meet changes to a 3.5 day meet to reduce the amount of time at finals

a. 200 Medley Relay and 800 Free Relay will be moved to Wednesday and will be conducted as timed finals

4. 2016 Summer Junior Nationals and US Open
Junior Nationals and US Open will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota .

  •   US Open - August 2-6, 2016

  •   Junior Nationals - August 8-12, 2016

    5. Southern Senior Zones

    1. August 3-7, 2015 - Greenville, South Carolina

    2. August 2-6, 2016 - Tupelo, Mississippi

    6. North Texas National Team and National Junior Team Members

 2014-2015 National Team Member
o Jonathan Roberts - North Texas Nadadores (NTN)

 2014-2015 National Junior Team Member
o Gabrielle Kopenski - Texas Ford Aquatic/ Frisco Aquatics (TFA) o Lauren Pitzer - Lakeside Aquatic Club (LAC)

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7. OlympicTrials

USA Swimming, in collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee and the Omaha Sports Commission, announced the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials Swimming will be held Sunday, June 26, through Sunday, July 3, 2016, in Omaha, Nebraska, at the CenturyLink Center Omaha.

  1. Hotels for the 2016 Olympic Trials in Omaha will open for reservations approximately 15 months prior to the start of the Trials. USA Swimming and the city of Omaha will publish all the information on the Trials at that time. There is a new Marriott being built across from the venue and will open April 1st 2015. Thanks for your patience.

  2. The new Olympic Trials time standards were released. The Qualifying period is July 30, 2014, through the entry deadline.

  3. 756 athletes already qualified and USA Swimming is expecting 1,200-1,400 athletes to compete in 2016.


page3image8680 page3image8840

Women Event
26.19 50 Freestyle
56.49 100 Freestyle
2:02.39 200 Freestyle
4:17.99 400 Freestyle
8:49.99 800 Freestyle
x 1500 Freestyle 1:03.39 100 Backstroke 2:16.59 200 Backstroke 1:11.49 100 Breaststroke 2:34.99 200 Breaststroke 1:01.19 100 Butterfly
2:14.99 200 Butterfly
2:18.69 200 Individual Medley

Men 23.29 50.69 1:51.89 3:58.69 x 15:49.99 57.19 2:03.79 1:03.69 2:18.39 54.79 2:01.99 2:05.09 4:27.49

 2015
o Jan 15-17 Arena Grand Prix Series - Austin, TX
o Jan 30-Feb 1 Billiton Aquatic Super Series - Perth, AUS

4:54.99 400 Individual Medley
Times are Long Course Meters only.
Qualifying Period is July 30, 2014, through the entry deadline.

8. USASwimmingQuadPlan2015-2016


o Feb 12-14 o Apr 27-29 o Apr 15-18

Arena Grand Prix Series - Orlando, FL
National Team Coaches Seminar - Colorado Springs Arena Grand Prix Series - Mesa, AZ

o May 14-17 Arena Grand Prix Series - Charlotte, NC
o Jun 18-Jun 21 Arena Grand Prix Series - Santa Clara, CA
o Jun 29-Jul 12 World University Games - Gwangju, KOR (swim dates 4-11)
o Jul 10-19 Pan American Games - Toronto, CAN (swim dates Jul 14-18)
o Jul 21-Aug 10 FINA Long Course World Champs Kazan, RUS (swim dates Aug 2-9) o Jul 30-Aug 3 Speedo Junior National Championships - San Antonio, TX

o Aug 6-10
o Aug TBD
o TBD (Nov)
o Oct-Nov TBD FINA World Cups - TBD
o Dec 3-5 AT&T Winter National Championships - Federal Way, WA o Dec 10-12 Speedo Winter Junior Nationals - TBD

o Dec Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool  2016

o TBD (Jan) o TBD (Feb) o TBD (Apr) o TBD (May) o TBD (Jun)

Arena Grand Prix Series - TBD Arena Grand Prix Series - TBD Arena Grand Prix Series - TBD

Arena Grand Prix Series - TBD Arena Grand Prix Series - TBD

o TBD o Aug o Aug o Aug o Aug o Nov o Nov o Dec o Dec

U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Omaha, NE

Phillips 66 National Championships - San Antonio, TX FINA World Junior Championships - Singapore

Arena Grand Prix Series - TBD

 There will be 2 meets on either side of the country to allow more opportunities for last chance Trials cuts.

2-6 5-21 8-12

FINA Short Course World Championships - Windsor, Ontario CAN

U.S. Open - Minneapolis, MI
Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (swimming August 6-13)

Speedo Junior National Championships - TBD Junior Pan Pacific Championships - TBD
Arena Grand Prix Series - TBD
AT&T Winter National Championships - TBD Speedo Winter Junior Nationals - TBD