Congratulations to our High School swimmers! At our home meet last Thursday, they brought their A game and because of that we get to hang on to the Sedona/Mingus Cup Trophy for [at least] another year.

It's a beautiful thing! 

The fact that we had such remarkable swims, and also the sight of the huge award sitting in Coach Bronsons classroom for the 4th year in a row...Drop by and see it...It Is a striking reminder of how awesome our team is.

We had a gorgeous day for the event and lots of school and community support on deck and in the stands cheering for ALL our teams. Thank you to everyone who came by and cheered for our swimmers! A special thank you to all of our timers and everyone who helped out at the meet. It ran smooth as glass! 

Mingus’ [Cottonwood] and Northland Prep Academy [ Flagstaff] were very well represented too, and we always enjoy swimming against these teams. Friendship, and sportsmanship were on full display during our afternoon of racing. Really a great time for everyone.

NPA took home the Elevation cup. A shout out to their coaching staff: Coach Gretchen and NPA’s Coach Doc. Way to go!!!  It is always a pleasure having you at our pool. Your swimmers are great and we enjoy hosting you. 

Thursday was also Senior night.  Many swimmers have been in the SRRHS program for all four years. Some with our SST program even longer. You are all amazing individuals, and have developed a strong work ethic and grown into fine young men and women, I salute you.  Coming up, our Regional and State meets. We're going to rock these. 

All the best!

Coach Bronson


A reminder too, that winter swim registration is now open to all ages! Please register when you have a minute. For our little swimmers we are going to buy thermal swim shirts for the coldest days and we want to get them ordered  to have on deck.  Thank you!