Parent Meeting Recap

STAR Parents,


I wanted to thank all of you who were able to make it to our meetings earlier this week at the GAC and send out a review of the things that we discussed for you to go over.  We will still plan to meet at Reeves and SC to go over these things and any other ideas.  I will try to keep this as brief and to the point and bullet point things to make it an easier to follow.  Please take a few minutes to read through it so that you can be well informed, involved and help us to create a great atmosphere for our swimmers.


  1. Upcoming Events and Season to Date –

    1. We really have a great group of kids and are having a great time working with them.Please continue to help us reinforce a positive attitude, sportsmanship and team work with them when the opportunities arise.

    2. Upcoming Events –

      1. Meets – Please look at the Meet Schedule and check the webpage for meet entry deadlines.We usually have to enter meets 2-4 weeks ahead of the meet to make sure that we get in as a team.The meet information for each meet and the description on the webpage help you determine if it is the correct meet for your swimmer.Most meets during this part of the season are for all swimmers.Please check with your swimmer’s coach if you have questions.Friday Night Races, Freaky Fast Invite and Triad Tropic are all meets that everyone can swim leading into the holidays.

      2. Combined Halloween Practice on Thursday, October 30th.No Practice on Friday, 10/31.

      3. Look under the “About Us” tab on the STAR webpage and click on “2014-2015 Calendar” and it will give you all break dates, Holiday Party and All Night Practice (1/2/15), Banquet (4/24), as well as meets and additional events.

      4. Starting Next Week on Tuesday, 10/21, we will be having a Parent on Deck Practice every other month (Oct., Dec., Feb., April). It will be on a different day each time.This will allow parents to come and sit on deck at the GAC in the bleachers, at the bleachers at Reeves or near the pool at SC so that we can fill you in on what we are focusing on in the practice.On the opposite months (Nov., Jan., March, May) we will have an informal meeting near the end of practice with the group coach to answer questions and provide updates.PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE INFORMATION WE DISCUSS AND PUSH YOUR SWIMMER ABOUT IT.WE WANT THIS TO BE INFORMATIVE AND PRODUCTIVE FOR COACHES AND PARENTS WITHOUT CREATING PRESSURE FOR THE SWIMMERS.

  2. Ways to get involved and Volunteers Needed –

    1. Volunteer help allows myself and the other coaches to focus more on the swimmers and allows people to help in areas where they can benefit the team the most.Some simple volunteer jobs that you could consider taking on are:

      1. Setting up blocks at one or two hotels for our travel meets

      2. Coordinating Site and Team Socials – a big part of team building and making sure kids enjoy the sport

      3. Organizing the team Box at your site (ribbons or notices)

      4. Updating or Tracking Team Records – As we progress through the season watching meet results and keeping our Team record and Top 10 up to date

      5. Helping with a Team Newsletter

      6. Being a site contact (for parents that are familiar with team procedures and can be a resource for new families)

      7. Sponsors – Helping to find new sponsors to help provide meals during our meets for the coaches and officials.We have some great sponsors who help us provide meals during our meets and we have to get those donated so we are always looking to get more partners involved.Helping us reach out to any contacts that you may have would be appreciated.

    2. Meet Volunteers – It takes anywhere from 25 to 60 volunteers to run just one session of a swim meet.The majority of meet jobs are not difficult and can be easily learned the day of the meet.If you have questions about a meet job then please ask myself or an experienced parent who can help give you insight.There are many large meets that we will run such as Sectionals and Nationals where we will not have a lot of swimmers participating but we will need volunteer help in addition to meets where your child is participating.While donations to hospitality are great, we still need everyone to sign up to work a job during the meet.It is a great way to meet other STAR parents and to make sure that the work load is shared.

      1. Hospitality – It would be good to have a few people to head up our hospitality during meets.Everything is well organized and it involves helping to organize the volunteers for this area and setting up and breaking down before and after the meet.At times it may also require a little shopping.

      2. Volunteer Coordinator – 2-3 people that could work together to help organize, recruit and communicate with volunteers for meets.Getting more people involved is our main goal and we use a variety of incentives from end of year drawings to drawings for prizes each meet or session.

      3. Nationals – Anyone that would like to help with registration of coaches, officials and swimmers during Winter Nationals in December.


        It takes a team effort to provide the service and professionalism that we want at our meets and for our swimmers.  The more that you can help the more it frees us as coaches up to maintain our focus on the swimmers.  Please let me know of any way that you would like to play a bigger role in our team success.


        Finally, I wanted to remind everyone of some of the swimming tools that you can use to get information and that we sometimes use to communicate.  The “Deck Pass” app by USA Swimming and the “Parent On Deck” app by Team Unify, our webpage host.  Creating an account for your swimmer on USA Swimming will allow them to enter goals, track their progress, look up helpful information along with many other things.  They or you can then put the “Deck Pass” app on your phone and have the information at your fingertips.


        “Parent on Deck” is an app that is used by Team Unify which is our web host.  Loading this app will allow you to access the website, update billing, check your swimmer information, receive text notifications and more.  When you load the “Parent on Deck” app you use the same username and password that you use on the website and the Team Alias is – ncssa


        I hope this information is useful and helpful and that is also helps you find a way to be a bigger part of OUR team because we couldn’t do it without YOU!


        Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your support!

        Coach Jay