NewsWaves for October 29th


Shorewood Swim Club NewsWaves

October 29th, 2014

Week 9

Team Suits and Equipment

The bag and warm up orders from Walter’s are being completed this week. The company that does the printing/embroidering was down for a week with equipment issues, but is now up and running. We will inform all families when they are completed..

Meet Updates for OZ and EBSC Meets

We had two outstanding meets at Brookfield East and Homestead last week. Our swimmers continued to show incredible improvements, as they expand their events and improved upon previous season best swims.

Swimmers with 100% best times from the EBSC Meet were Matthew Aldana, Ceci Bowen, Maria Bowen, Charlie Caputo, Maggie Caraher, Landon Loberg, Maya Schmaling, Bennett Shanks, Hank Svetic and Silje Wicklund.

Boasting 100% best times from the OZ Meet wereLydia Barnes, Ines Bengana, Shai Biener, Tommy Chamberlain, Sara Desing, Julian Dynek, Christian Frank, Hannah Goldblatt, Rachel Goldblatt, Nicholas Hall, Emma Harris, Grace Hawig, Gavin Humitz, Olivia Johnson, Collin Kiefer, Zoe Kirn, Lizza Korolev, Abigail Mielnicki, Charlie Phillips, Frances Plese, Chloe Schneider, Micah Sweet, and Sal Vella.

Being On Time for Practice and Meets

While we do not run on “Lombardi Time” (where unless you are 15 minutes early, you are considered late), we do value being on time for practices, meets, and deadlines. I have noticed a number of swimmers arriving late to practices and meets, and a number of families who are missing deadlines for meet sign-ups, registration, clothing, etc.  I would like to address these issues now and in future NewsWaves, so families understand why it is important to be on time.

When a swimmer arrives late for a practice, it affects more than just the one athlete. The coach has to take time away from the swimmers who were on time to explain what the swimmer should be doing. The teammates of the late swimmer have their warm up or workout interrupted when the swimmer jumps in late. The tardy swimmer often feels that they “do not know what is going on”, since they may have missed the full instruction. In addition, they may not get the proper warm up to prepare their bodies for the practice, or miss important skill or training instruction.

When a swimmer arrives late for a meet, it can cause even more disruption, since there are many teams trying to warm up at the same time. Our primary goal of the warm up is to prepare the swimmers for competition, including learning the nuances of the pool (backstroke flags, varying water depths, starting blocks, etc) as well as warming up the body to compete. In addition to the problems already stated in the practice session , the space for meet warm ups is often determined by how many people are on time for the warm up, and we may not get a lane to warm up, or have to share a lane if too many swimmers are late. The swimmer may not get to practice starts or turns correctly if they are late, and may miss important instructions regarding the meet if they are not on time. It is also our policy to only use swimmers who are on time for warm ups on relays, unless we have no other options. Relay cards are traditionally turned in soon after the start of the warm up.

Please make every effort to be on time for practices and meets, and be respectful of teammates and coaches if circumstances do require that you arrive late. Try and let coaches know of any planned delays, and hurry to get started with practice or warm ups quickly if you arrive late. The coaching staff and team members appreciate your help in starting practices and warm ups on time.

Locker Rooms

We wanted to remind all swimmers and parents that both locker rooms (VHE Pool and SHS Pool) are public locker rooms, and are open to the public at all times. There have recently been issues with theft and vandalism in the locker rooms, so we would like to remind all parents to check out our “Locker Room Guidelines” posted on the web site. The main thoughts are that we are renting the facilities, and swimmers should be respectful of the locker rooms and other patrons. Parents are also responsible for their swimmers as soon as they leave the pool deck-the coaches are NOT responsible for swimmers in the locker rooms, but should be informed of any issues that may arise. Finally, either lock your belongings securely in a locker, or bring them out on the pool deck in order to keep them safe from theft or vandalism. If you have any questions regarding the locker rooms or our guidelines, please contact me at [email protected] or 861-7946.

Upcoming Deadlines

Monday, November 3rd                       Px3 Meet               SR W/P/R/B + High School Girls

Monday, November 3rd                       SHOR Meet           PC/SL + AG B/S/G (all 12&U swimmers)

Monday, November 10th                    WGLO Meet          All Swimmers with qualifying times