Sunnyvale Meet Outstanding

Th first full team meet of the year was outstanding for SOLO! We had 37 swimmers entered in the meet which is a good start to getting swimmers to race.  The swimmers able to step up with best times included: Nathalie, Dylan, Vincent, Emile, Ron, Jackson, Thomas, William, Brian, Kobi, Maia, Lucy, Robbie, Amelia, Mary, Sam, Olivia, Will, Drew, Lulu, Kaelyn, Carson, Kai, Lindsey, Boudewijn, Roderick, Aaron and Asher!

The meet showed the coaches the key things that the swimmers need to focus on in practice. The big one was turns which is one of the main things that SOLO prides itself on teaching. In all the years of coaching I added a new trick to help us understand turns from the meet. Come find out the secret to even better turns at practice. Stanford Coaches Richard Quick and Skip Kenney put out a video called "Swimming Smarter and Swimming Faster" in the early 1990's which featured our kids in the turn section. There are so many parts of swimming and we do have a list including finishes, pacing, pull downs, and balance during racing to name a few!

We had an amazing five member crew that swam all best times and took down honors as "Swimmers Of The Meet". The total for just Nathalie B, Dylan B., Kobi J., Lulu S., and Carson S. was 31 best times raced! Again congratulations to all the athletes on great efforts, and a spirit of success!