Senior Practice make-up Sunday at Hendersonville

Hello Team,

We will have an opportunity to make up Saturdays practice on Sunday. Tomorrow from 2:30-4:30pm at the Hendersonville pool we will have practice open to any Senior swimmer who would like to attend. We prefer you to attend this practice if you can make it as a coach will be there. However, we will give you a practice below that you can use anytime this weekend at one of our YMCA pools. We hope to see you tomorrow.

600 WU

4x100's IM Kick @1:50

6 times through the following non free (3 rounds primary, 3 rounds secondary)

{200-50 kick related drill, 50 arm related drill(scull), 100 full body drill  Rest :15

{4x50 descend to pace @:55

3 Times through the following

{2x75's Primary non free at 200 pace- ORANGE(piranha zone) @ 1:40

{150 ez @ 3:00

Challenge Set Kick

8x150's Kick Blue @ 2:30 or 2:45 depening on your kicking ability- Most should be on 2:30- remember its a  "Challenge SET"

300 cool down- 50 dbl arm back, 100 backwards swim, 150 ez