Congratulations to ESC Age Group Invitational Qualifiers

 Congratulations to all of our ESC swimmers who have qualified to swim at the Age Group Invitational at Curtis High School on November 22nd and November 23rd. These swimmers qualified with Gold times and above to earn a spot at this meet!  If you have not yet qualified, the Ohanu meet this weekend will be your last chance to qualify.  As always, please contact your swimmer's coach for more information regarding this meet!

Please congratulate our AGI qualifiers when you have a chance!!!!

Cameron Alexander                       Ben Burtner                           Chris Johnson                    Stuart Whitney

Sarah Harrison                              Sara Wilson                          Ben Huynh                         Andrew Liu

Abby Burnter                                 Cate Burtner                         Avery Campbell                  Annika Eisele

Camden Martin                              Kayleia Sias                         Faith Trotter                        Anna Weber

Lauren Wilson                               Clare Wirzbicki                     Madison Wright                 William Christenson

Wyatt Hubregsen                           Jordan Kamimura                  Cameron Quick                  Everett Werner

Calvin Werts                                 Brett Wilson                           Alex Wright                      Hannah Barker

Sasha Friese                                Danielle Johnson                    Katherine Lane                 Alexa Nooney

Naomi Reyes                                Emma Song                         Jenessa Schulte                 Lacey Wright

Foster Walston                             James Waltz                        Andrew Wright