Otter Update 11/5/14

Hello Otters!

Hope you all had a great Halloween.  Here we go with some updates:


1. The deadline to RVSP for the Dual meet at Green on 11/8 is TODAY.  Please indicate your intention either way so that we don’t have to guess who is or is not coming.  Thank you!

2. NEXT WEEKEND IS A BIGGIE!!  Clear your calendars and prepare for lots of together time J

3. The deadline to RSVP for the Dual meet vs. Cuyahoga Falls, next Saturday, 11/15 at Spire is on Wednesday, 11/12.   Warm ups are at 12:00.  Meet starts at 1:00.  While you’re completing your RSVP, please remember to volunteer for a job.

4. Team pictures will be next Saturday, 11/15 at 11:00am at Spire.  We’d like everyone there for this please!

5. GO INVITE is 11/16 (next weekend!!!).  This is our one and only fundraiser for the team.  Don’t forget that everyone is required to volunteer at this fundraiser, or there will be a fundraising fee assessed for your family.  Right now there are still tons of choices.  PLEASE, PLEASE choose your job now so that we can see where we are at with helpers.

6. Deadline to RSVP for the GO INVITE is THIS FRIDAY, 11/7.  Please go online and at minimum indicate that your child will be there.  You can choose your events for this meet or if it’s left blank the coaches will choose events for you.  AGAIN—DEADLINE is THIS FRIDAY.  This is firm, as we need to seed the meet and do a lot more prep work than our regular dual meets.

7. Next Thursday, 11/13, there will be no practice at the GEAUGA YMCA.  All swimmers are invited out to Spire from 6:00-7:00pm to practice/work on starts.  Anyone who generally practices only at the Geauga YMCA is highly encouraged to attend at Spire, regardless of age, since we do not have starting blocks to practice from at that site.

8. Calling all 10 & Unders—add this to your schedule:  We will be attending the Christmas Cadet meet at North Royalton YMCA on Sunday, 12/14.  Matt & I have wheeled and dealed and were able to get a price of a flat rate of only $5 for all GO Swimmers for this meet.   That’s a steal!  Please try to attend.  This meet only for 10 & Unders—cubs too!