Weekly News (Swimfest Edition)

Hello Panthers,

IT’S SWIMFEST TIME! I won’t even pretend that there is anything else going on right now! We are 5 sleeps away from our first big meet of the year. 741 swimmers will be giving it their all to contend for the championship trophy. Our team is 170 swimmers strong and ready to go.

Important information about this weekend:


Friday Spirit Night Practice:

2:30 – 3:30 all swimmers at the 50 m pool, with healthy snacks to follow. This is a great team building practice, so please have everyone there.


Meet Nutrition:

Friday/Saturday night is pasta night (carbohydrate rich dinner).  Please have your swimmers eat a big bowl of pasta or whatever other carb they love (rice, potato, yam or whole grains).

At the meet, PLEASE NO JUNK FOOD, CANDY OR OTHER TREATS. Save them for after the meet. In the “Documents & Info” portion of our website there are two articles and instructions for swimming nutrition. Please print out and have at home.  There are plenty of food vendors on site, but remember that you can only control the food you bring.

Warm up times (if you are late you will warm up on deck and not in the water):

Saturday AM (10 & under)

Session 1: 7:20-7:40 lanes 2-8 in the warm up pool

Saturday Afternoon Session (11 & over)

12:30-12:50 *same lanes

Sunday Morning Session (all ages)

Warm up session 1: 7:00 – 7:25 *same lanes



All swimmers dressed in Team black T-shirt and black shorts for Saturday, then Team Gold T-shirt and black shorts for Sunday. Our gold team cap is to be worn both days.


Race Readiness:

I will print and email out the program Tuesday or Wednesday, please prepare your swimmer with their event #’s and heat #’s for all their races. They need to know when they race and be ready prior to the race. We will be set up in the gym, but be mindful of the race schedule. Your coaches will be there to help you, but we have so many swimmers, you need to take responsibility for your races also.



Remember to enjoy every minute of this! Take lots of pictures, take video to watch later and remember that this is all just for fun. We swim because we love it!

See you all on deck,

Coach Day