YMCA Swimming 2014-2015 Information

YMCA Swimming 2014-2015 Information


Welcome to the 2014-2015 season. I am Jodi Clute, your regional representative for YMCA swimming. I provide information to YMCA teams and coaches in our region, consult with YMCAs and teams, work with our USA Swimming representatives, verify coaches’ certifications and create YMCA coaches cards, review sanction requests and answer questions on YMCA swimming rules, guidelines and best practices. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way. Please read the following information to start the 2014-2015 season.


Y Team and Coach Registration

  • All YMCA teams and coaches register using the online YMCA registration system. All coaches, not just the head coach need to be registered. This is our only way to gather contact information and track the growth of YMCA swimmers, coaches and teams.
  • All coaches on deck at YMCA sanctioned meets must have current certifications in CPR, First Aid, Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches (a Lifeguard or YASA certification may be used but must also be accompanied by proof of passing the online STSC test) and Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving.
  • 2014-2015 registration system is now live at or Password for team registration is 9622.
  • PLEASE complete your team and coach registrations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • The deadline for registration and submitting certifications for the short course season is February 1, 2015. No registrations and certifications will be verified and no cards will be printed after February 1, 2015. Registrations may begin again after Short Course YMCA Nationals. The deadline for the long course season is July 1, 2015.
  • The fee is $30 per team for coach registration. Remember to print out the confirmation page that appears as soon as you register your first coach.  The 1st coach registered is the only one who shows an invoice for the coach registration fee.
  • CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO Y-USA and sent c/o Jodi Clute, 12460 Bass Lake Rd.  Chardon, OH  44024.  Please DO NOT make checks out to me directly.
  • If you are in an association with multiple branches/swim teams, please indicate on your check which branch/team(s) is covered by that check.
  • It is best to upload copies of your certification cards, or your USA Swimming coaches card, to the site.
  • The use of your USA Swimming coaches card (with the Y stamp to verify Principles) is preferred.  BUT you still need to register all coaches online, even if you are using your USA Swimming card as proof of certification.
  • Cards will not be made within 2 weeks of a sanctioned Y championship meet. Be sure that all of your coaches have their cards well in advance of the meet.
  • You are responsible for updating any expired certifications within enough time to receive a new coaches card 2 weeks prior to a sanctioned Y meet.


Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Update

  • This course is required for all YMCA coaches who will be on deck at a sanctioned YMCA championship meet, including YMCA Nationals. It is strongly recommended for all YMCA coaches.
  • The course is now completely online. Allow 3 hours to complete the online portion. It also includes required meetings with the executive director, aquatics director and/or other supervisors within the YMCA. This is an important part of the course and will also help strengthen the relationship between swim team and YMCA.
  • Please assist your coaches in arranging the meetings well in advance.
  • The “workbook” part of the course, in which participants report on their meetings, is sent to the group representative. Once the group representative reviews the information and the participant has completed the online course, the participant’s certification will be verified.
  • Find the e-learning course on the Y Exchange website – under LCDC (Learning & Career Development Center). The cost is $20.00.
  • If you have already taken the course in a previous format, you do not need to take it again.


Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches Update

  • The Safety Training for Swim Coaches course has been updated as a blended learning course – part online and part in the water.
  • Please see the attached document for more information.
  • A link to the course will be made available on the YMCA Swimming and Diving website.


Concussion Training

Some states now mandate by law that all youth sports coaches take concussion awareness training. Ohio is one such state. Please be aware of the laws in your own state as well as those in which you will have meets this season.


USA Swimming Membership

  • All teams and coaches are strongly encouraged to be members of USA Swimming.
  • It expands opportunities for swimmers and coaches, provides education and development resources for coaches as well as free consulting services for the development of your program.
  • The benefits for coaches include:
    • Automatic verification of safety certifications and notification of upcoming expirations (including Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving)
    • Coach education through the Foundations two-part course
    • Background screening every two years
    • Coach education in Safe Sport (child abuse recognition and protection)


*The YMCA of the USA is currently creating safety and risk management standards for all youth sports and activities. These include child protection, concussion management and the certification of all adults working with children in a YMCA setting. Please be sure that ALL coaches, paid or volunteer, who work within your swimming program maintain current certifications. Expect mandatory requirements to be included in any new Y-USA protocols.


Sanctioned YMCA Meets Update

  • Beginning this season, each team must include a statement signed by the executive director of your YMCA confirming that all coaches representing your YMCA at the meet have all required current certifications and all swimmers are full privilege members of your YMCA for at least 90 days prior to the first day of the meet. This statement may be included with the team entry summary sheet or may be a separate sheet.
  • Following a sanctioned YMCA meet, the meet host will submit the results, along with a list of all coaches on deck at the meet and all officials who worked the meet, to the group representative and to the national database manager.
  • Remember that the deadline for submitting a sanction application is 60 days prior to the start of the meet. All meet information, referee’s certifications and fees must be received by this date.


The best way to reach me is via email at

The rest of my contact info is:

Jodi Clute, Geauga Family YMCA

12460 Bass Lake Rd, Chardon, OH  44024

Ph: 440-285-7543  Fax: 440-285-5047