EPAC Dual Meet Updates


We are rocking and rolling towards our first CPAL dual meet.  Here are some reminders to help with our preparation:


* The deadline to sign up your swimmers is this Wednesday, November 19 at 8:00pm.  Following practice Wednesday, I will email everyone the list of signups received.  Please be sure you sign up for your volunteer position as well.  Again, we need 30-35 volunteers for the meet to run efficiently and effectively.  Visit the Events page, and click the "Attend/Decline" button under the meet heading to sign up your swimmer, and click the "Job Signup" button to grab your volunteer spot.


* When you receive the entry list, take the time to ensure that your swimmer is listed if you are participating.  You can reply to the email with any errors, omissions, or needed changes.  Please do this by 12:00 noon on Thursday.


* Shortly after noon on Thursday, a final entry list with the submitted revisions will be sent.  I will also attach "Everything You Need to Know About Swim Meets," a helpful guide to assist our new members preparation for the meet.


* On Friday afternoon, I will send out the tentative lineup.  Similar to Blue and White, you will receive one document with the swimmers' event assignments listed by name and one meet program that lists the events in their chronological order of competition.  Keep in mind, this lineup is TENTATIVE as emergencies, combining races to fill lanes, or changes to relays do come up between Friday and the start of the meet Saturday. Also note, coaches will place swimmers in events that they demonstrated a proficiency in.  For example, a new swimmer may compete in freestyle, but won't be placed in a butterfly race if they haven't shown in practice that they are ready for that event.


* Saturday morning, swimmers should arrive and be dressed for warm-ups NO LATER than 7:45am.  When they arrive, they are to check-in with me for attendance purposes.  Following warm-ups, any necessary changes to the tentative lineup will be finalized and communciated to those swimmers they impact.  BE ON TIME!!!  I can't begin to describe how smooth everything goes from a meet setup and coaching standpoint when we all arrive on time and are ready to go!


* All swimmers will wear their SHIP Swimming team caps when they race.  The navy blue team cap and the white/pink breast cancer awareness caps are acceptable for competition.


* Please be aware of the timeline and policies listed above.  As you can see, including this email, you receive 4 messages from me this week regarding the coming meet that serve as reminders to sign up and confirmation that you are attending.  We have 72 events on Saturday, and the coaches work to ensure that 3-4 races are provided for the upwards of 100 swimmers on our club.  It takes a significant amount of time to make all the puzzle pieces fit and the process becomes incredibly more manageable when the above guidelines are followed.


* Swimmers and families who "show up" the morning of the meet but are not listed on Friday's tentative lineup will be sent home.  Sufficient opportunity is provided during the week to sign up, and the coaches can not have their attention distracted during a time dedicated to preparing the team members for their competition.


* If you have any questions about the meet, signups, events, volunteering, etc., please call, email, or speak with your group coach before/after their practice session.