Fall Invitational 2014

What an exciting weekend at the Cilandak Pool! The Jakarta AquaDragons hosted our annual Fall Invitational and 
here are some statistics: 

  • 29 teams competed from as far as Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and Balikpapan not to mention the many teams from Bandung and those closer to Jakarta. 
  • Initially 680 swimmers registered to compete but on the weekend after Scratches and No Shows, we had 581 swimmers participating. 
  • 64 Cilandak Pool Records were broken 
  • 3 AquaDragon Age Group Records were broken 
    • Madoka Hoizumi – 11 year old 50m Butterfly 
    • Madoka Hoizumi – 11 year old 100m Backstroke 
    • Fredric Ngo, Ryan Djunaedi, Adriaan Provo-Kluit and Jamie Jenviphakul – 11/12 Boys 4x50m Medley Relay 
  • Top 10 FINA points scorers in each of the age groups from the AquaDragons: 

o 8 & Under Girls – 6th Amelie Tanoyo; 7th Micky Vincent; 10th Nicole Isman 
o 8 & Under Boys – 6th Jihun Kim 
o 9 year old Girls – 10th Annette Lee 
o 9 year old Boys – 5th Amos Tanoyo; 6th Momosuke Hori 
o 10 year old Girls – 9th Marin Kobayashi; 10th Karen Yambao 
o 10 year old Boys – 9th Jason Bergin 
o 11 year old Girls – 1st Madoka Hoizumi; 6th Lieve Olufsen; 7th Aisha Kenny; 9th Seung Min Woo; 
Ayanna Wu 
o 11 year old Boys – 4th Masato Hoizumi 
o 12 year old Girls – 1st Asia Bonali; 2nd Katherine Pashen; 4th Devin Sula; 5th Allison Farial; 7th 
Larissa Scott; 8th Noelle Kim 
o 12 year old Boys – 3rd Adriaan Provo-Kluit; 4th Jamie Jenviphakul; 5th Fredric Ngo; 7th Ryan 
o 13/14 year old Girls – 2nd Lilli Seubert; 3rd Stephanie Kieft 
o 13/14 year old Boys – 3rd Nick Parris; 6th Kent Suhadi; 9th Harrison Watson; 10th Rizal Rowe (JIS 
o 15/16 year old Girls – 1st Deandra Djunaedi; 7th Samantha Webster (JIS Dragons/AD); 9th Kelly 
Arifin (JIS Dragons/AD) 
o 15/16 year old Boys – 5th Lukas Seubert (JIS Dragons/AD); 6th Arief Rowe (JIS Dragons/AD); 8th 
Nirhan Nurjadin (JIS Dragons/AD) 
o 17 & Over Girls – 5th Jade Dharmadji (JIS Dragons/AD); 
o 17 & Over Boys – 3rd Jee Ooung Hong (JIS Dragons/AD); 5th Sung Hyuk Choe (JIS Dragons/AD); 
7th Kuba Mierzejewski (JIS Dragons/AD); 8th Michael Rowe (JIS Dragons/AD) 
 ewsletter 12 – November 16, 2014

Our thanks go to ALL the parent Volunteers who came forward to help make the meet run smoothly. 
Many parents – too numerous to mention here without forgetting someone – worked multiple shifts and 
spent their entire weekend at poolside! And there were those who worked despite not having a swimmer 
participate on that day!! Thank you Dino Vega, Frank Buttenhoff and Margaret Sula!! Special thanks as 
always go to our Coaches (Rohim, Hamzah, Arif, Berman, Kim, Renny, Rina, Indra, Daniel, Yori and 
Jenny), to our meet volunteer coordinators Debbie Webster, Tuty Bergin and Monika Regenfuss and our 
Go-To-Girl Imelda Tanoyo for making it all happen! 
Results can be found online by going to Achievements, Meet Results and clicking on the various results 
documents of the Fall Invitational or by signing onto our website and going to My Account, My Meet