WAVE Distance Meet

Wave Distance Meet

A lot of BCST’s swimmers toughness and conditioning were on display at this year’s WAVE Distance Meet, as there were some fantastic 1650 and 500 yard swims.  There were massive drops littered up and down the results, but a few swimmers deserve special mention:

  • Nathalie Valdman not only won the 12 year old girl division in the mile, but also broke a 32 year old BCST record in the 1000 along the way.  Congrats Nathalie!!!
  • Kevin Sato had the biggest drop of the day at -84.29 seconds in his 1650, followed closely by Finn Heneghan (-82.56) and Abby Heneghan (-72.87).  Way to go!!!
  • First place finishers included:  Andrew Boden (15), Vlad Elizarov (13), Amelia Girotto (11), Finn Heneghan (12), Katie Maier (15), Mari Nielsen (13), Kevin Sato (11), and Nathalie Valdman (12). 

Congrats to all!!!!



Top 10 1650 drops:

  1. Kevin Sato (-84.29)
  2. Finn Heneghan (-82.56)
  3. Abby Heneghan (-72.87)
  4. Megan Lowell (-63.52)
  5. Vlad Elizarov (-55.08)
  6. Mari Nielsen (-52.90)
  7. Jake Headrick (-52.38)
  8. Ellie Bailey (-50.31)
  9. Martin Wu (-28.43)
  10. Nathalie Valdman (-19.77)


Top 3 Finishers:

Ellie Bailey (3rd)

Andrew Boden (1st)

Anna Doherty (3rd)

Alex Elizarov (3rd)

Nick Elizarov (2nd)

Vlad Elizarov (1st)

Amelia Girotto (1st)

Kaitlyn Girotto (2nd)

Jake Headrick (2nd)

Abby Heneghan (3rd)

Finn Heneghan (1st)

Katie Maier (1st)

Mari Nielsen (1st)

Kevin Sato (1st)

Nathalie Valdman (1st)

Jayna VanStone (2nd)

Dane Williams (2nd)

Martin Wu (2nd)